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  1. Author help support and solved all my issue, ty Mahmoud you are great guy, please be patience cause he is managing the entire platform, but once he noticed and get in touch definately kind and helpful
  2. HRM SAAS - Human Resource Management worked, at public/install but worksuite Worksuite Saas v3.7.2 not working at all
  3. WORKSUITE v3.2.2 - CRM and Project Management err actually not..this without saas also no install file, same with HRM SAAS - Human Resource Management few people asked same question. can we have the solution?
  4. i realise all saas script doesnt have install file...may i know how is the correct way to install? cant find documentation
  5. seems like install folder is missing, anyone able to install?
  6. not sure what was the issue, but solved, able to install and not showing blank page...works properlly
  7. cant install said database failed, but it is 100% correct
  8. ok, worked with www... what about this? cookie unable to close at mobile or desktop
  9. https://mycarimakan.com/proposals/kevenzelz/design-website why error? cant view listing, other page like home / admin is fine
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