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  1. @Mahmoud please update to 2.4 update. Thanks for the help
  2. I'll buy it once it updates to v 1.8
  3. I mean do you have rights to re-sell this script, I just want to make sure that I don't face any legal issues in future. Thanks for your reply
  4. Hi @ Mahmoud still application had some errors, you will get 500 error status in developer console, in your client website, just copy and paste the pixel code to your client website, and refresh it and it shows 500 status error code in developer console, Notifications will pop up but that error comes in developer console. Don't get confuse the website will load fine and notifications also loads fine, but still you face some error logs in developer console. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, please let us know once you fix the bugs. And its showing still 1.8.0 version in admin panel. Please have a look at this also. Thanks