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  1. what does not work. smartpanel35/api_provider smartpanel35/payments smartpanel35/payments_bonuses smartpanel35/api_provider/services 404 Error, Seems you get lost We are so sorry for the inconvenience, the page you were trying to access has been deleted or never even exist please, who can solve these errors
  2. it is possible to post the updated script to v8.0
  3. very good work. do you have the installation files. because on their site you need a license code to access the documentation for the installations. thank you
  4. hi possible update V1.2.6 31 July 2020 V1.2.6 Update => Episode layout changed. Fix => ChromeCast bug fixes. Fix => Comment bug fixes. Fix => Remove ads for paid users. Fix => Some other minor bugs fixes. thank
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