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  1. Is It Possible to update to latest pls
  2. It May be your .htaccess file in your hosting try adding: RewriteBase / some scripts use laravell in which case most of the time your url would look like http://mydomain.com/public/, in which case the RewriteBase should be: RewriteBase /public
  3. I Get this error: A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1146 Table 'music.ci_sessions' doesn't exist SELECT 1 FROM `ci_sessions` WHERE `id` = '0jr9gqtd4nj843abg7su365vemej59j5' Filename: libraries/Session/drivers/Session_database_driver.php Line Number: 362 When I look in phpmyadmin database is empty, importing database.sql throws an error.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I'll give it a miss then as I can't get ffmpeg working on my server.
  5. @ MahmoudThank you my friend, looks great, but how can the demo user be removed? i.e adminuser
  6. How to get helpdesk3 to work? the installer is asking for purchase code have tried 12345678910


    Screenshot (91).png

  7. have been trying out various help desks, lets see what this is like, it might be pretty difficult to beat livezilla though, what do you guys think?
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