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  1. Anyone else get these errors? I get a few errors when analyzing a domain. An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: Error Message: Object of class CI_Output could not be converted to string
  2. Anyone figure out how to use the app? Same issue with TripleDesAppServiceProvider
  3. Looking for paid plugins for moosocial
  4. Im looking for Paid Plugins for MooSocial. Will help look for android apps
  5. Found the fix for "Error: errors.Not a valid license key". in the file "install/controllers/ManageController.php" Remove this from line 358 to 374. if ($db instanceof Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract) { try { $row = $db->select()->from('engine4_core_settings') ->where('name = ?', 'core.license.key') ->query()->fetch(); if (empty($row['value'])) { throw new Exception('Missing license key.'); } $warehouse = new Engine_Warehouse('/php-site/license'); $warehouse->get(array( 'key' => $row['value'] )); } catch (Exception $e) { $this->view->licenseError = $e->getMessage(); } } This removes the license check and allows you to use the Packages and Plugin manager.
  6. installs after a few depreciated php errors are fixed HOWEVER, cannot install Plugins. Get a invalid license key error in package manager. using the keysgen.php and included keys. NOT fully nulled
  7. How to use all files in the zip? especially Mobile Apps? What kinda files are those?
  8. LOTS of issues installing....... for the ones asking for license key you can enter anything (ex: 123456). After install I get "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS".
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