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  1. @Mahmoud - Can you please upload v1.19 ? The software is working now, but I think with the next update will fix some issues.
  2. @Mahmoud - Ok, please support on this fast. It's been a week and I cannot use anything from I bought. If not, please refund.
  3. Hey @Mahmoud You haven't uploaded the V1.19 yet, as you said. Also, you stop replying to my inbox messages, and I am only requesting support because this program is difficult to configure; the program seems not to take RuCapcha API, and I haven't been able to configure TOR with Torificator. Every type of proxy when running a campaign, Google will flag it as "unusual traffic," so it always prompt captcha to resolve, and that's where the program doesn't use the API... Please, help, and do proper support. If you sell something, at least provide adequate support. I have wasted three days now
  4. Hey, the cost of $40 is the full version or cracked version? It can be updated?