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  1. good morning, there is a new version 2.6 could you update it please? I'm going to thank you very much
  2. Hello one question. I am testing the functions of this script, I also provided version 4.7.8 from other sites and it gave me these same errors or bug, I also installed the version that you published 4.7.7 and the results are the same, then I will leave you the link of I tested the screenshots on localhost, I also installed it on hosting, and the results are still the same, is it a bug to be solved? or do I need to do some configuration? i installed all plugins as well. (I mention that versions 4.7.10 - 4.8 are also available) Link to the screenshots: https://i.imgur.com/lVyK5tX.png
  3. Excellent, thank you doniaweb team, I will be attentive
  4. The official version 4.5.2 is now available, they are already uploaded on other websites. but I don't trust others ... I'll be waiting for you to publish it. To who doniaweb