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  1. It is very selfish of you to verbally mistreat the administrators of this forum. It is more than clear that your objective is another and not to help this forum that has helped us so much in free resources, the description of the collection of donations is very clear, and nobody forced anyone, it is purely voluntary. Before all this I must say that I have not donated yet but in a few days I will do it not only for the benefits, I think that a donation is a form of gratitude and it is the most fair thing, although the administrator said that we have more than 21,000 registered members, so 1 euro per person would be enough to complete the goal, but obviously not everyone will donate, but there are users who will donate more than 1 euro some maybe 10 or 20 euros or maybe more... it all depends on us the members. I hope and this publication is one more reason to put on the shirt and complete the objective that has just begun.
  2. Could you upload it again please? the link fell.
  3. @Mahmoud thank you very much brother, for sharing this script 👍
  4. There is a new update v2.0.1 I will be very grateful friend.
  5. There is a new update v.2.0 I will be very grateful friend.
  6. There is version 1.9, many of us will appreciate it friend.
  7. hello, there is a new version v1.8.2 I will be waiting to update it .... thanks
  8. don't be ungrateful. I have tried almost all the wowonder nulled from other websites, and I can assure you that this is the cleanest version there is, I am using a site in production and I have not had any problems or errors, I would dare to say that this code published In doniaweb it should have a cost, it costs you almost nothing to download and extract what you need, do not be lazy.
  9. Mr. admin has already published it here.
  10. hello friend, there is a new version 3.1 @ Mahmoud thanks in advance
  11. Hello, please friend could you update it to version 1.8.1 I will thank you very much, greetings
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