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  1. hello, there is a new version v1.8.2 I will be waiting to update it .... thanks
  2. don't be ungrateful. I have tried almost all the wowonder nulled from other websites, and I can assure you that this is the cleanest version there is, I am using a site in production and I have not had any problems or errors, I would dare to say that this code published In doniaweb it should have a cost, it costs you almost nothing to download and extract what you need, do not be lazy.
  3. Mr. admin has already published it here.
  4. hello friend, there is a new version 3.1 @ Mahmoud thanks in advance
  5. Hello, please friend could you update it to version 1.8.1 I will thank you very much, greetings
  6. hi thanks for updating. a question. is this update clean of viruses? I trust you ... the previous time I downloaded from the post of the man (carlosryfy) and it was full of viruses and malicious code. I had to remove all the code from my website.
  7. Hello, could you please update to the latest version, the version is already available 1.7 I will appreciate it a lot
  8. hi, please it would be great if you update to the recent version Release 1.6.8
  9. I think the same as you. As much as I tried several days to make it work, I never had satisfactory results. The deepsound guide I also dared to try and it couldn't. I have faith and trust in doniaweb I sincerely hope that Mr. Mahmoud makes a dedicated guide for the wowonder timeline. Someone once told me ... Slowly but surely ... We must also understand Mahmoud all the resources they share in doniaweb requires time and effort. I think for the moment I will wait for the wowonder timeline guide.
  10. I also a few days ago I was trying to make a webview but I can still make it work correctly, I had a small detail in the uploads of images it did not work for me, I am still trying ... do you have the code you used to make it work correctly? Please could you share it? thanks in advance
  11. I can't understand to apply it to wowonder timeline, I would like to be able to understand this guide, but I see that this is more advanced than I imagined ... I just have to resign myself ... thank you ... I hope others can make it work. ?
  12. Thanks for helping us, this will be great.
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