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  1. pls how can i solve this....is really an issues...is not loading well
  2. here is the logo for the app..once you are done with it i will pay you www.traveltickethub.com App Name - TravelTicketHub please let me pay 10euro for this job
  3. please can you do the app now i will send the logo
  4. i just paid for it...how can you configure only ios for me but i dont have app id....
  5. please anyother payment method...paypal not going..can i pay direct with my master card...send
  6. i need the apk generated for android..what do you need..logo and url
  7. will you configure the app now if i buy it..cos my web is working
  8. friend can i get discount please im your customer
  9. friend please can i get the latest version of the android app...this one is outated and google demand latest app..i will pay.
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