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  1. here is the logo for the app..once you are done with it i will pay you www.traveltickethub.com App Name - TravelTicketHub please let me pay 10euro for this job
  2. please can you do the app now i will send the logo
  3. i just paid for it...how can you configure only ios for me but i dont have app id....
  4. please anyother payment method...paypal not going..can i pay direct with my master card...send
  5. i need the apk generated for android..what do you need..logo and url
  6. will you configure the app now if i buy it..cos my web is working
  7. friend can i get discount please im your customer
  8. friend please can i get the latest version of the android app...this one is outated and google demand latest app..i will pay.
  9. please friend can you do the installation for me is giving me eror for the web....please kindly tell me..i will pay for the installations
  10. please i need a support on this script i bought i cant do the installation can you help me
  11. please friend i just paid for this script..hope it will not ask for license key....i saw 2 files which one will i choose
  12. please i need V2.9 for both app and web
  13. this is what i want TikTok App| Short Video Creating - Video Status With Reward Point Android App