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  1. New version has been released. watered down. Thanks
    Hello, when will version 1.6 come out? Already updated by author on codecanyon
  2. My installation of the Wowonder 2.0.1 script was working fine, but when I used the 2.0.3 update that was posted here in the forum, I can no longer comment on the site. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you!
  3. I installed the latest version of crea8social, but it is not displaying the sounds of the notifications. In chat, another problem: messages are not received in real time, you need to refresh the page to be able to view. Can someone help me by quoting how to solve or pass me a link where I can download it without problems ?? Appreciate.
  4. WR-2017

    WoWonder Help

    Did not work. It must be my lodging. Do you have the script link crea8social latest version?
  5. WR-2017

    WoWonder Help

    But I did not change anything in the installation, just follow the step-by-step
  6. WR-2017

    WoWonder Help

    Login: ofacedoreino password: Rodrigu3s
  7. WR-2017

    WoWonder Help

  8. WR-2017

    WoWonder Help

  9. WR-2017

    WoWonder Help

    I installed the WoWonder script. The installation was completed successfully. everything works, however, I can not access the Admin-cp page. I click, the URL updates, but I continue on the same screen. Can someone help me??
  10. I can not access my ADMIN-CP area. Every time I click, the page changes URL but continues on the social network page. Wait for me to help?
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