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  1. OMG! Thank you Bro. I saw it earlier but didnot think of using it. It works! 😍
  2. I copy it directly from the Database both Email nd Password, i didnot change anything
  3. I did that already but its not login in
  4. After re-uploading still its not login in.
  5. Ok I have seen this joysale_buynow_cron.sql and joysalev3.sql and the tables is all diff. I used joysalev3
  6. i change your email to mine, then Password to My own that is all for the Admin table in Database.
  7. But still I cant login to the Admin Panel, I used all the User Info on the database also, I saw Yours in the Admin wen I used it its not Login in, says Email or Password incorrect, then I used couple of users on users tables. I used Demo@joysale.com it Login but its not an Admin Account.
  8. Thank you so much Bro
  9. Hey Mahmood I need the full documentation Link pls, I tried all I can to trace the DB Name,Password to change it for installation but i could not.
  10. I have installed the Script but unfortunately am Using Shared Hosting that used Nginx.conf, they won't let me assess the root directory to finish installation process neither copy the code themselves. They insist I use VPS or Dedicated Cyber. am in school nd can't spend penny on purchasing VPS at this time. Is there any way i can do this???
  11. Thank you so much it works
  12. I have same problem with you bro. Pls someone should help us.
  13. Its Still stopping at 33Mb I cant download the full package, if someone have it in Drive plz give me a Link. Thank you guys
  14. When downloading the 2.1.1 version its stop at 33MB, some one should please help me.
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