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  1. You able to post (2.0.6)? Update 2.0.6 – 30 March, 2021
  2. Is it possible to be done soon as there is crucial fixes in the latest update?
  3. Hey @ Mahmoud Possible to get this updated to version 5.5.0? (24 January 2021)
  4. Anyone experienced that it doesn't track some certain sites? The stats are just at 0 while other sites works.
  5. Hi! I have fully downloaded and configured it now. But when I click verify to verify the pixel code it opens the website in a small tab but there is no confirmation message saying the pixel is working. And then the heatmap and realtime visitors doesnt work .
  6. Hello, If I get you right this is the 2.0 version of 66Analytics nulled with extended license features? So no more purchase needed after buying your code?
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