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Red Gate SmartAssembly is a C # and .NET obfuscator, a system for automatic reporting of detected errors and the use of application functionality. Red Gate SmartAssembly helps C # and .NET developers create high quality, bug-free products. The program functions protect application code from modifications and reverse engineering, and also allow you to receive reports from clients about errors and the use of features implemented in applications.

Benefits of Red Gate SmartAssembly:
- Protection of code and IP from reverse engineering and other forms of malicious attacks.
- Obtaining data on what features of the released programs are used.
- Preparation of bug reports to fix bugs and decide on future versions
- Software based on the received data.

Key features of Red Gate SmartAssembly:
- Reporting on the use of functions
- Automatic generation of reports on the number of calls to certain application options.
- Reflection in reports of system information - data about the operating system of the end user PC, the latest version of .NET installed.
- Providing data for the selection of priority tasks in the field of development and correction of software errors.
- Go to the program code directly from the report for quick error correction.
- Reporting support in Windows Phone 7.
- Automatic notification of each exception detected by end users.
- Automatically attach log files and screenshots to error reports.
- Collection of email addresses to notify users that bugs have been fixed.
- Difficulty in the readability of field names and methods.
- Ensuring greater complexity of the control structure.
- Encoding strings containing sensitive data.

Demo: https://www.red-gate.com/products/dotnet-development/smartassembly/



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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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