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** Works with both Binary and Unilevel, they can work together or separately, the system works with both simultaneously.

** It is 90% self-configurable and manageable by the customer, being able through the administrative panel to edit all the functionality of the system, such as rates, bonuses, unilevel levels, products and etc.

** Works on any hosting.

Some functions and working format:

** Binary is the MLM we all want and functional with left and right side, level lock (optional) and monthly or one-time based activation.

** Unilevel and individual indication system, each user has their own link and unilevel and binary network, with unilevel settings such as values, number of levels and the like defined on the panel by the administrator.

Bonus types:
*Direct Referral Bonus * Indirect Referral Bonus * Unilevel Bonus * Profit Sharing or Shares Bonus * Binary Bonus.

It has Payment History, Purchase History.

In the customer panel, the customer can request withdrawals, make payments, send proof of payment to the administrator, request activations, consult their payment history, their indications, their tree (network) and etc.

The administrator can make payments through his panel as customers can register their bank accounts and request payments through the customer panel.

Email setup system, email message, may or may not require email activation, 2-step verification login, by admin on your dashboard.

The super administrator can add new administrators to the backoffice and with access control define which functions and information he will have access to.


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