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Lethe PHP Newsletter & Mailing System


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Lethe PHP Newsletter & Mailing System

  • Easy Installation
  • Multi-User System
  • Multi Language (23 Language Inc.) and Language Editor
  • Bootstrap 5 Supported & Responsive
  • User Specific Theme Selection (16 Theme Inc.)
  • WYSIWYG Editor & Drag / Drop Design
  • API Support
    • Groups: Add / Edit / Remove / Get / List
    • Subscribers: Add / Edit / Remove / Get / List / Move / Blacklist
  • Static / Dynamic Short Codes
  • Advanced Graphical Statistics
  • File Manager (User specific file management)
  • RSS Feed & Web View Options
  • Single / Double Opt-in Verification
  • User permissions (Module usage restrictions)
  • Timezone support
  • Debug Mode
  • Submission simulations
  • Cronjob automation & manual cronjob management
  • Upload limits & file type restrictions
  • Browser based campaign submission
  • Surveys


  • Unlimited group creation
  • System groups (Blacklist, Ungrouped, Unsubscribed, Bounce)
  • Group merging
  • Bulk actions (Batch change information on the selected group.)
  • Blacklists 
  • Unregistered e-mails (Archives unsubscribed or problematic email addresses)
  • Import / Export
    • Classical imports (It retrieves data from different stored txt files.)
    • Advanced CSV imports (Drag/ Drop field selection)
    • Third party imports (Retrieves data from another databases.)
      • Wordpress, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, osCommerce, Joomla, phpBB supports
    • Advanced data exports (TXT & CSV supports)
  • Subscribing Forms
    • Bootstrap 5 & Semantic UI support
    • Success / Error message customization
    • Page redirection after successfully subscribing
    • Disable subscription
    • jQuery, jQueryUI, SweetAlert library imports (If the libraries are not available on the page the form is called.)
    • Unlimited fields (14 field type inc.)
    • Drag / Drop form builder
    • reCaptcha (google v2 & v3 inc.)
    • Add / Remove option
    • Customizable field validation errors
    • Regex pattern support
    • Customizable layout (table, horizontal, without labels etc.)
  • Subscriber specific graphical reports
  • Manual e-mail sender
  • Manual verification mail sender
  • Subscriber specific data views


  • Launch date settings (Send now or specific date)
  • Multiple group selection
  • Unlimited attachements
  • Campaign specific submission account selection
  • Preview and Tests
  • Campaign specific Sender / Reply E-mail customization
  • Run / Reset / Stop feature
  • Advanced reports (Clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes)
  • Productivity analysis (Campaign quality, loses, list quality etc)
  • Autoresponder
    • After subscription mails (after x date)
    • After unsubscription mails (after x date)
    • Specific date submissions (Selected weekdays and campign reset cycle)
    • Special date submissions (Sending e-mail on a special date for the subscriber. eg: birthday, invoice etc)


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