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InfinixSwap - Complete Multichain ERC-20 Token & Stable Coin Decentralized Exchange System


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InfinixSwap - Complete Multichain ERC-20 Token & Stable Coin Decentralized Exchange System

InfinixSwap - Complete Multichain ERC-20 Token & Stable Coin Decentralized Exchange System

Complete ERC-20 Token & Stable Coin Decentralized Exchange System - We have developed a great solution for anyone who wants to create his own crypto swap application on ERC-20 and earn from transact.

You can set the platform commission for each transaction . (for example, if you set it to 1, you will receive to commission wallet 1% of all transactions.)

InfinixSwap is using UniSwap in the background for Liquidity Pool, so if you want to add your own token on this swap, you need to create a liquidity pool before that on UniSwap.

Infinixswap script has a decentralized automated market maker (AMM). It allows you to trade any supported ERC-20 coins. It has a high-grade security protocol. Data and privacy are secured.

It uses oracles to able to constantly update the system. An oracle is a function that allows you to keep the system updated and gives the possibility to verify identity, for example in the case of a loan. It uses an automated liquidity protocol based on the constant product formula.

SEO Friendly: You can top the SERPs in all major search engines with the InfinixSwap infused with critical SEO elements. You get an ultra-sensitive design. Let’s take a look at the top features you can expect in a Infinixswap that will help decentralized exchange owners better manage their businesses.

Features of InfinixSwap

  1. Price Oracles
  2. Token Swapping/Exchange
  3. Highly Secure
  4. Own Custody of Tokens
  5. Anonymous Trading
  6. Highly Confidential
  7. Flexibility Token Exchanges
  8. Path to Sustainability
  9. Highly Customization Scope
  10. Protection Against DDOS
  11. Real-time validations (for insufficient balances, etc.)
  12. The auto balance is displayed.
  13. Add as many tokens as you want(Custom token listing)
  14. Add/remove tokens you don't want to display on your swap.

Why InfinixSwap

  1. Easy options are provided for exchanging ERC20 tokens
  2. New tokens provide direct access to the liquidity pools.
  3. No need for Smart Contract deployment
  4. 100% Decentralized network & no involvement of the third parties.
  5. Optionally, you may charge a convenience fee on top of swaps executed through your web app. to make some passive income.
  6. Comes with a highly attractive layout
  7. Multi-tested and 100% error-free
  8. Track and monitor transactions made on your web app
  9. By using Infinixswap, you can build a decentralized exchange like uniswap in a cost-effective way.

How does it work?

1. Download files and install on your server

2. Setup necessary configuration as described in the documentation

3. Receive a commission from every trades.


Infinix Swap was developed using the latest technologies for developing web3 and blockchain based application:

  1. React
  2. Next Js
  3. Supabase
  4. Metamask
  5. Wallet Connect
  6. Uniswap V3
  7. Trustwallet

Chains Supported

The follwing are list of chains supported on InfinixSwap

  1. Mainet
  2. Ropsten
  3. Rinkeby
  4. Goerli
  5. Kovan
  6. Arbitrum_one
  7. Arbitrum_rinkeby
  8. Arbitrum_rinkeby
  9. Optimism
  10. Optimistic_kovan
  11. Polygon
  12. Polygon_mumbai
  13. Celo
  14. Celo_alfajores

Supported Coins

It supports all ERC20 Tokens and Stable coins on the etheruem network. You can also add your own token


Important! The demo is deployed on the ETH Mainnet, so users would be able to understand it more clearly the project, so if you are purchasing some tokens, make sure it's a small amount.


Custom Development

Please use our profile page contact form to submit your customization requests for our DEX Products.


Kindly test this product hosted on the mainnet before you purchase it.



We do provide 24/7 support and free installation on purchase

Refund Policy

We do not provide refund once the item has been downloaded.


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