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Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce

Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce – What is it?

If you have a new WooCommerce store which is built ideally but lack website traffic and there are not too many customer reviews, which makes your store look inactive. Then you may need a review generator plugin – the one that’ll help you generate virtual reviews for WooCommerce stores, and Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce is born to help you solve that concern.

Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce is a review generator plugin that allows you to generate reviews for your products on the WooCommerce website automatically. Which I believe will reduce your workload significantly, building your website a good reputation and credibility, while you focus on building your brand.

Does it just generate virtual reviews for WooCommerce only?

No, that’s not all that Faview can do.

If auto-generating virtual reviews for WooCommerce is not enough for you, Faview can help you auto-leave replies to customers’ reviews, or even virtual reviews! Of course, you have full control over the content of replies and virtual reviews.

Moreover, “Canned reviews” is something I promise to be extra helpful when customers leave a review. It’ll be much easier to find a review with content they want, their experience would be enhanced by small things like this.


Bulk add virtual reviews to WooCommerce products

It helps you bulk-add reviews to your WooCommerce product(s) with only one click.

  • Author names: Set a list of review authors up that will be randomly added to reviews.
  • Comments: Set a list of review comments up that will be randomly added to reviews.
  • Ratings: Choose a particular rating if you add 1 mutual review to many products. Choose the probability for each rating when adding more than 1 review to each product.
  • Review created date: Freely choose the created date range for reviews added.
  • Schedule time to automatically add virtual reviews
  • Create reviews with content appropriate to different products/product groups.

Canned reviews

Faview will display a list of canned reviews in the review form of your site. This feature helps your customers leave reviews faster and easier.

  • List of canned reviews: Add the content you want to be the canned reviews. When customer reviews, simply select the review content within this list.
  • 2 front-end styles: There are 2 styles to show canned reviews – each will be suitable for the different device.
  • Customization: Customize the canned replies all you want

Add reply automatically and manually

Faview lets you add replies both manually and automatically

  • Replies are added right after the real and/or virtual reviews are left, simply enable its option
  • Manually add replies in the Comment settings page of WordPress
  • Fully control the reply content corresponding to each particular rating


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