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Chat GPY - AI Chat NodeJS


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Chat GPY - AI Chat NodeJS

Looking for an intelligent and engaging chat companion? Look no further than Chat GPY, the artificial intelligence chat bot trained by OpenAI powered by GPT-3 technology. With its powerful human-like conversational capabilities, Chat GPY can answer a wide range of questions and engage in meaningful dialogue. From answering basic science and life questions to composing emails, writing essays, and even coding and gaming, Chat GPY is a versatile and entertaining chat partner. And with the Chat GPY for Android app, you can enjoy enhanced features and a more efficient and enjoyable chat experience.

Pricing and usage (GPT-3 technology)

GPT-3 is made available to developers by OpenAI via its OpenAI API service, which is a cloud-based application programming interface with usage-based pricing.
OpenAI charges per token created by GPT-3 or suggested by it. (A token is a word fragment.) Tokens are assumed to be 0.75 words.)
You get $18 in free credit to use as you like for the first three months. 1000 tokens cost $0.06 in the case of the DaVinci model (GPT-3’s most powerful version). You’ll get 300,000 free tokens if you spend $18. With those $18 credits, you can check the pricing and upgrade your account at https://openai.com/api/pricing.


  • Chat GPY for Android supports multiple languages: Chat GPY can understand and respond to your native language.
  • Multiple chatbot personalities: Ask the Chat GPY bot to respond with different personalities, each with their own unique tone and style of conversation.
  • Artificial intelligence games: Play a variety of games with Chat GPY, like trivia and word games, and see how well you can outsmart the OpenAI Chat GPY bot.
  • don't need a database
  • Easy Install
  • Well documented codes
  • Fully Responsive
  • Free Google Fonts
  • W3C validated HTML and CSS code
  • Clean Code
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Free Updates
  • And much more


Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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