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Thriftywallet - ReactJS UI kit for Crypto Wallet ( Cryptocurrency), reward points, and FIAT currency


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Thriftywallet - ReactJS UI kit for Crypto Wallet ( Cryptocurrency), reward points, and FIAT currency

Thriftywallet – A ReactJS UI kit for Crypto Wallet ( Cryptocurrency), reward points and FIAT currency

Thriftywallet is a ReactJs UI kit for Crypto Wallet ( Cryptocurrency), rewards points, and FIAT Currency. It can be used for multiple purposes. It is built with a very professional color and font theme. It has neat & clean code with good documentation thus making it easy to customize. Thriftywallet supports light and dark themes, responsive for all screen sizes. Thriftywallet is a PWA Application that can be installed in the mobile / desktop and can be used as a native app.

It has 25 + Uniques screens & widgets, Amazing Animations, PWA enabled, Light & Dark Theme supported. Using this Theme, one can create a Custodial Wallet( Delegated wallet) for Cryptocurrency, noncustodial wallet for Crypto coin, Wallet for Reward points(loyalty) , wallet for FIAT currency, and closed wallet.

Features of Thrifty Wallet:

  1. 25 + Unique Screens & Widgets
  2. Clean, neat, and well-documented source code✅
  3. Reusable Code Components
  4. User-Friendly Interface
  5. Fully Responsive, Compatible with All Screen Size
  6. Major Browser Compatibility
  7. For multiple use cases ( Crypto Wallet, loyalty point wallet & Fiat Wallet)
  8. Built with React Js 17.0.2
  9. Written in Javascript
  10. Dark and Light Theme
  11. PWA Enabled
  12. Clean Animation
  13. Support skeleton Screens
  14. Easy to customize colors
  15. Easy to customize font
  16. Material UI & CSS Lib
  17. Google Font Used
  18. Icon library – Material Icons

Screen Included & Usecases

There are more than 25 Unique screens and widgets included in the template,that can be used to customize any application like :

You can create your own Crypto Wallet where users can log in using email and password, or using Google or Facebook, and deposit their crypto. They don’t need to remember any mnemonic or private key etc.

You can create your FIAT wallet, where users can deposit real currencies ( INR, USD, CHF) and can purchase goods on your platform. They can also withdraw the amount.

You can create a Reward point ( loyalty) Wallet, for users, and give them points on every activity. Using those points they can redeem some offer or can cash out them.

  1. Custodial & Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Wallet
  2. FIAT Wallet
  3. Loyalty Point Wallet

ThriftyWallet Include the Following Screens :

  1. Signup ( Including Social Signup)
  2. Login
  3. Splash Screen ( Only for Mobile)
  4. Walkthrough screens ( Only for Mobile)
  5. 2FA Setup
  6. Account Setup
  7. KYC
  8. Bank Account
  9. Reset password
  10. Reset password – change password
  11. OTP Verification
  12. 2FA Login Screen
  13. Crypto Wallet Homepage – Coin
  14. Crypto Wallet Homepage – Transaction History
  15. Crypto Wallet – Topup page
  16. Crypto Wallet > Coin detail page with Send & Receive Widget
  17. Crypto Wallet > Coin detail page – QR Code Scanner
  18. FIAT Wallet – Homepage
  19. FIAT Wallet – Deposit Widget
  20. FIAT Wallet – Withdraw widget
  21. Loyalty Point Wallet – Homepage with Confetti animation
  22. Loyalty Point Wallet – Homepage with the transaction
  23. Loyalty Point Wallet – Homepage with available rewards
  24. Account Screen for Edit Profile, Edit Bank Account, Edit KYC, Change password, and Delete account.
  25. Static Page: Terms and Condition
  26. Static Page: Privacy Policy
  27. Static Page: FAQ
  28. Static Page: About us.


Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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