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Hey guys.

It is with immense pleasure and exclusivity of this forum that I announce that after long days without sleep, having my test domain suspended by the complaint, several headaches, I come to say that I finally managed to remove the security inserted in version 2.0 of the code.

Congratulations, it doesn't need a license


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ChangeLog 2.0

Reduced the numbers of queries for a better performance
Added Profiles selection
Added Firebase Phone Verification
Added Firebase Remote Config (change the api inside the app remotly)
A new UI and Colors
Added Doodstream and Streamtap (for doodstream working inside MainPlayer only see the doc how make it working)
Removed Startapp ads from the app
Added Bulk Links for Series & Animes
Added as Option for library to merge all content (Movies , Series , Animes) into a single query
Added as option untrusted certificates for the main player to accept all certificat useful for some supported hosts !)
Added Discover Style as option to replace the suggested part with a list of genres
Added Genre image
Fixed and issue in comments wich the layout don’t adjust or Resize on some phone
Fixed the Added comments time.
Updated all libraries inside gradle to the latest version
Added some information parts to able to use them later in the Android TV version
Added Review layout to rate the movie.
For Synopsis added ReadMoreText to expand and collapse the text depend on the text size
Updated UnityAds to the latest codes
Updated Paypal sdk

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