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MagicAI v6.0.1 - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS


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MagicAI - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS

Meet MagicAI.

All-in-one SaaS platform to generate AI content and start making money in minutes.

To activate script, run this command in phpmyadmin:

UPDATE `settings_two` SET `liquid_license_type` = 'Extended License', `liquid_license_domain_key` = 'DoniaWeB' WHERE `settings_two`.`id` = 1;

Why MagicAI?.

MagicAI is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, without breaking a sweat.

  • AI Text Generator
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Code Generator
  • AI ChatBot
  • AI Speech to Text

AI Models.

MagicAI supports the most popular AI generation models.

  • OpenAI
  • GPT
  • Dall-E
  • Ada
  • Curie
  • Davinci

AI Generator.


MagicAI Writer is designed to help you generate high-quality texts instantly, without breaking a sweat. With our intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily edit, export or publish your AI-generated result.


Generate high qualtity images for a wide range of applications, including web design, advertising, and social media. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching graphics for your business or simply want to experiment with different design concepts, MagicAI is the perfect solution.


Get instant answers to your questions, no matter the topic. Whether you’re looking to book a reservation, get product recommendations, or just chat about the weather, MagicAI is always ready and willing to help.


MagicAI is designed to make coding faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a coding newbie, our tool will help you streamline your coding process and get your projects up and running in no time.


Accurately transcribe your recordings in just minutes. With our user-friendly interface, you can upload your files and have them transcribed in a matter of clicks.

Magic Tools.


Generate, edit, and publish unique text, image, code, and chat with the power of AI.


The ability to understand and generate content in different languages allows businesses to expand their reach and appeal to a wider audience.


Our tools can help you generate any kind of content from product descriptions and blog posts to email newsletters and social media updates.


A responsive dashboard allows you to access valuable insight and analytics, monitor user activity and manage site settings.


Securely process credit cards, debit cards, or other electronic payment methods such as Stripe and Paypal.


Export generated copy as plain text, PDF, Word or HTML easily and automatically integrate into a wider system or workflow.


Access Support Tickets from your dashboard and update the entire platform with a single click.


You can go to your admin dashboard and edit the landing page content easily.


Custom Templates

Create your own template or use pre-made templates and examples for various content types and industries to help you start quickly. 

  • Post Title Generator
  • Summarize Text
  • Product Description
  • Article Generator
  • Product Name Generator
  • Testimonial Review
  • Problem Agilate Solution
  • Blog Section
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Intros
  • Blog Conclusion
  • Facebook Ads
  • Youtube Video Description
  • Youtube Video Title
  • Youtube Video Tag
  • Instagram Captions
  • Instagram Hashtags
  • Social Media Post Tweet
  • Social Media Post Business
  • Facebook Headlines
  • Google Ads Headlines
  • Google Ads Description
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Pros & Cons
  • Meta Description
  • FAQ Generator (All Datas)
  • Email Generator
  • Email Answer Generator
  • Newsletter Generator
  • Grammar Correction
  • TL;DR Summarization
  • AI Image Generator
  • Custom Generation
  • AI Speech to Text
  • AI Code Generator


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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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  • Mahmoud changed the title to MagicAI v1.3.0 - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS
On 6/6/2023 at 7:59 PM, THE DEVIL666 said:

To Null and Bypass the license just go to your phpmyadmin and run this SQL:


UPDATE `settings` SET `stripe_status_for_now`='active' WHERE 1


thanks me later😅

my own is not working can you help? is showing server error

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Can someone please update to:

Version 1.4.0

NEWAdded infinite word and image tokens when creating plans.
NEWAdded the ability to send test emails.
NEWAdded Site Health feature.
NEWAdded feature for active-passive management, allowing users to toggle between active and passive modes for various AI capabilities: AI Writer, AI Image, AI Chat, AI Code, AI Speech to text, affiliates.
NEWImplemented a new UI design, providing a fresh and updated look and feel to enhance the user experience. The new design includes improved aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and enhanced usability.
NEWIntroduced the ability to create custom chatbots, allowing users to design and configure chatbots according to their specific needs and preferences.
NEWImplemented a sticky header on mobile devices, providing users with a consistent navigation experience as they scroll through the page on their mobile devices.
NEWAdded a sticky header logo to the landing page, ensuring that the logo remains visible and easily accessible as users scroll through the page.
NEWAdded the option for Chatbot training via JSON.
NEWChatbot training included examples for better understanding and guidance.
NEWImplemented the Chatbot Avatar feature, allowing users to customize the appearance of their chatbots.
NEWIntroduced a language dropdown on the landing page, enabling users to select their preferred language for a more personalized experience.
NEWMultiple Gateway structure (Only stripe works for now)
NEWSandbox support (fields) on Development mode
NEWMembership plans generate required product id and price id values in all enabled gateways on save dynamically.
NEWActivating gateway triggers generating all membership plans product ids dynamically in saved gateway.
NEWAdded info area below save button on membership plan edit page to show created data.
NEWAdded Translate Strings Feature. You can now edit new translation strings and new language options on the dashboard.
FIXFixed an issue where extra fields were being removed from the plans section.
FIXResolved the problem of being redirected to the dashboard upon deleting an image.
FIXFixed the issue where the admin dashboard image counter always displayed zero.
FIXResolved the problem of replicated options when adding a plan.
FIXFixed the issue where prepaid payments were not properly filling the stripe settings.
FIXAddressed the problem where the lightbox did not load upon image creation.
FIXFixed the issue of ignoring the generated content language.
FIXRecognized user inputs correctly for custom templates.
FIXMade the image generator fields visible in dark mode.
FIXResolved the issue with the chat welcoming message dot.
FIXFixed the styling of alerts.
FIXAddressed the problem with the S.E.O. settings not functioning.
FIXImproved the form fields by changing them from select boxes to on-off switches.
FIXFixed the ticket user interface.
FIXResolved the issue with the default tone of voice selection not working.
FIXFixed the document blink issue in dark mode.
FIXAddressed chat issues and improved responses.
FIXReorganized the settings.
FIXPrice table badge width is adjusted.
FIXResolved responsibility issues.
FIXCancelling subscription deletes all tokens ( including pack tokens bought before ). Now only subtracts amounts defined in plan.
FIXRenamed "Credit" to "Token", "Prepaid Plans" to "Token Packs"
FIXImproved the page titles for better dashboard.
FIXLogo width issue on the dashboard.
FIXFix: Dark logo does not appear on the Login Screen.

Thanks in advance

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