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Full Battery and Anti Theft Alarm with Pocket Alert, Intruder & Wrong Password Alert(android11)

Achlana Brother

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Full Battery and Anti Theft Alarm with Pocket Alert, Intruder & Wrong Password Alert(android11)

Full Battery and Anti Theft Alarm App Features :-

★ Anti-theft motion alarm:

This feature is also called Don’t touch my phone where you can find a free motion detector feature in the anti-theft motion alarm app, it’s the best function of anti-theft security, as any movement occurs to your phone, the motion sensor starts to activate. So when someone tries to remove your phone from your pocket on a bus, train, or any other crowded place Anti-theft security app gives you the protection that Pickpocket alert will detect that movement and a loud alarm start ringing


★ Intruder selfie:

Intruder selfie phone lock helps you when you want to know who tried to unlock your phone in your absence. Hidden Intruder selfie App takes a selfie of that person who enters the wrong password to unlock your phone, by this you will track who intrudes in your phone.


★ Pocket sense / Pocket Alert:

Just activate Pocket sense – anti-theft alarm feature and feel comfortable in a shopping center or any crowded place. When anyone tries to remove the phone from your pocket or bag, a loud alarm starts ringing and you will blatantly capture the thief.


★ Charger removal alert:

Charger removal alert helps you at home as well as outside, you want to charge your phone at some public place and you are worried about being stolen your phone, you don’t have to worry charger removal alert app will protect your phone from thieves. Phone security alarm system starts ringing when someone tries to remove your mobile from the charging point.


★ Full Battery Alert / Over Charge Protection:

Anti Theft Alarm – phone security application will detect when battery is fully charged and buzz a load ring for you to remove charger. Share this with your loved ones to enjoy this mobile phone security app. Anti-theft alarm phone security app protects you and your phone in all possible ways.


★ Diffrent Alarm tone and vibration and flash light during alarm


★ Admob Ads Integrated(Native and Interstitial and banner)


★ 64 Bit Compatible & Android 11 Supported & SDK 32 Integrated


★ Full Documentation Support with video

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