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Restaurant POS - Restaurant management system with kitchen display


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Restaurant POS - Restaurant management system with kitchen display

The Restaurant POS system with kitchen display is a comprehensive restaurant management solution designed to optimize operations and enhance efficiency. Here’s a comprehensive summary of its key features:

  • Food Items and Modifiers: The system offers a well-organized menu management feature, enabling easy navigation and ordering of a wide range of food items. It supports modifiers based on ingredients, allowing for customizable options to accommodate individual preferences and dietary requirements.
  • Kitchen Display System: With its integrated kitchen display functionality, the system ensures seamless communication between the front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Orders placed through the POS system are instantly transmitted to the kitchen display, eliminating the need for paper tickets and enhancing order accuracy and processing efficiency.
  • Expense Management: The POS system includes an expense management module that allows restaurant owners and managers to track and categorize various types of expenses. It enables the recording and organization of expenses based on different expense types, facilitating accurate financial record-keeping and providing valuable insights for budgeting and cost control.
  • Import/Export Capabilities: The system supports import and export functionalities in multiple formats such as CSV, XLSX, XLS, and HTML. This allows for seamless integration with external systems and facilitates data analysis, sharing, and compatibility with different software applications.
  • Order Types: The POS system efficiently manages different order types, including dining, pickup, and delivery. It enables waitstaff to process orders, assign tables for dining orders, track pickup orders, and manage delivery orders, ensuring smooth operations and timely service.


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