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UniTheme2 - premium CS-Cart theme for cs-cart v4.11.5 or latest


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UniTheme2 is a theme and addons complex for the CS-Cart e-commerce platform. The embodiment of the modern classic presentation of the online store, the appearance and functionality, that fits any sphere in online sales.

Technically, UniTheme is a child theme of the CS-Cart Responsive basic theme, fully uses its logic and theme files, redefining, complementing and expanding in necessary places with its own logic and appearance. When developing a theme, the standard CS-Cart development paradigm was used, which you can read about in platform documentation (always use it before theme using, extending or customizing).

The current version has an index of "2", as this is the second generation of the theme, completely rewritten from a clean slate, taking into account the latest design trends, design flexibility and speed requirements from search engines.

UniTheme2 contents addons
The following components are included in the Unitheme2 package (included in the delivery price):

Add-on AB: UniTheme2.0 (carrier of the theme files, layouts, styles and related functionality)
Add-on AB: Category banners
Add-on AB: Motivational block
Add-on AB: Fast navigation
Add-on AB: Video gallery for product
Add-on AB: Button back to top
Add-on AB: Search motivation
Add-on AB: Landing pages for categories
Add-on AB: Hide a part of content to needed height
Add-on AB: Product of the day + Extended promotions
Add-on AB: Stickers
Add-on AB: Advanced image previewers (New!!!)
Addon for Multivendor support (only if its ordered by customer)

Added directly in theme functionality
In addition to the addons, included in the delivery, a number of functionalities are embedded in the main theme module and directly into the pages templates:

Ajax loading of products in the lists (lazy pagination)
Delayed loading of images
Settings for output (not display) of blocks separately for mobile devices and PC
Settings for the output (not display) of functional elements for mobile devices and PCs on the pages of product listings and product detailed pages
Designer (designer) of advanced banners
Functional mega menu (with support for icons, labels, banners and display settings)
Extra light menu (expected in the next updates)
Sticky panel (optional) with navigation
Counter of reviews numbers for products (in tabs and other places)
Optional identification of non empty user cart (attracting attention)
Display of the status for activated filters (navigation with optional deactivation)
Block for categories and subcategories tree on the category page
Tabs from blocks function
Extra block for recent blog posts
Extra design for Blog
Extra features and capabilities for the Brand entity
Combinations generator for Buy together cheaper
Combination Manager for Buy Together cheaper
Extra block output for Buy together cheaper on the product detailed page
Extra color dice output for available product variations in the list
Extra functionality for the mobile version (sticky block with the Buy and Filter button)
Three provided store layout options (block layout)
16 included color schemes (+ support for native color editor)
Functional output of any block in the product card (top part) bypassing the layout system
Ability to control the display location of the category description (above the product block or below)
The ability to flexibly control the style of the store elements without code changing - by [color scheme settings]

Download here: https://mega.nz/folder/oz8BDDSB#IH9OblXSgDDIFI1Y6R-LrQ


A. Download AB_Addons_manager and install to yours cs-cart. 
B. Open Alexbranding Addon manager menu, than install themes and add-ons.
C. Install demo data, especially demo banners and menu icons if you don't want to design from scratch
D. Enjoy it.


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The forum is open and great, what I wanted to share in other forums has been deleted, in this place only members receive unitheme 2 versions that support cs-cart from version 4.11.5 and up for free

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