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Posly - Pos with inventory Management System


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Posly - Pos with inventory Management System


Posly is a versatile inventory management system with an integrated Point of Sale (POS) feature to streamline various aspects of your business operations. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a larger enterprise, Posly offers a comprehensive platform for managing inventory, sales, purchases, and customer interactions. Here are some key features that make Posly a valuable solution:

Key Features:

  • Effortless Installation: Get up and running quickly with a simple installation process that takes just 5 minutes.
  • Dynamic Dashboard: Posly offers a dynamic dashboard that provides real-time insights into your business operations:
    • Today’s Sales & Purchases: Get an overview of your daily transactions.
    • This Week’s Sales & Purchases: Track weekly performance.
    • Top Selling Products This Year: Identify your most successful products.
    • Top Clients: Recognize your most valuable customers.
    • Recent Sales: Keep track of recent transactions.
  • User-Friendly POS: The Point of Sale feature offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, with highlights including:
    • Best POS System: Efficiently manage sales transactions.
    • Gorgeous Invoice Design: Create visually appealing invoices.
    • Discounts, Tax Options & Shipping: Easily apply discounts, taxes, and shipping fees.
    • Quick Item Search: Find items quickly by code or name.
    • Category and Brand Filters: Sort products by category and brand.
  • Product Management: Posly allows you to manage your products effectively, including:
    • Product Types: Handle standard, variable, and service products.
    • Export Product Data: Export product information as PDF or Excel files.
    • Quantity Adjustment: Easily adjust product quantities.
    • Stock Transfers: Manage stock transfers between warehouses.
    • Barcode Printing: Print barcode labels for products.
    • Warehouse, Brand, Category & Unit Management: Organize your products efficiently.
  • Quotations and Sales: Posly assists you in managing quotations and sales processes:
    • Quotation Management: Create, edit, and view quotations.
    • Export Quotations: Export quotations as PDF or Excel files.
    • Communication: Send quotations via email or SMS.
  • Purchase Management: Efficiently handle purchases:
    • Purchase Tracking: Create, edit, and view purchase records.
    • Payment Management: Manage purchase payments.
    • Export Purchases: Export purchase records as PDF or Excel files.
    • Communication: Send purchase details via email or SMS.
  • Returns Management: Handle sales and purchase returns:
    • Return Processing: Manage returns, payments, and records.
    • Export Returns: Export return records as PDF or Excel files.
  • User Management: Posly offers comprehensive user management capabilities:
    • User Control: Add, edit, and delete users.
    • Role Assignment: Assign roles and permissions to users.
    • Warehouse Assignment: Assign warehouses to users.
  • Accounting: Manage financial aspects of your business:
    • Account Management: Add, edit, and delete accounts.
    • Deposits and Expenses: Manage deposits and expenses.
    • Payment Methods: Handle different payment methods.
  • Customer and Supplier Management: Maintain relationships with customers and suppliers:
    • People Management: Add, edit, and view customer and supplier information.
    • Export Data: Export people-related data as PDF or Excel files.
  • Settings and Customization: Tailor Posly to your preferences:
    • Customization: Edit logo, company name, and more.
    • Symbol Placement: Choose symbol placement for currency.
    • Notification Settings: Configure email and SMS notifications.
    • Multi-Language Support: Available in multiple languages.
  • Reports: Generate informative reports for insights:
    • Various Reports: Access inventory, product, profit and loss, customer, supplier, sale, and purchase reports.
    • Payment Reports: View payment-related reports.
    • Quantity Alerts: Receive alerts for low product quantities.


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