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Ramom School - Multi Branch School Management System


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Ramom School - Multi Branch School Management System

Ramom School Management is Multi-Branching education ERP System. This application will help the organization that has many Branch Schools and a SuperAdmin can control all the branches and staff. Each branch will be controlled by Admin. Information about different branches, cannot be viewed or modified by other branch users. All information will be separate and secure. It is effective and helpful for both types of schools, polytechnics and universities. There are language translation systems, Any user can change language and sessions and see all the systems in different languages and sessions record. Multiple branch systems will save your time and money, just one solution.

How To Works Live Class
Create a zoom account and get the AP keys from your zoom account and save it in the “Live Class Settings” under “School Settings”.
Create zoom meetings for each live class from your zoom account.
Add Live Class in your Ramom School application and enter zoom meeting id & password.
Students will get the live class sms notification and will appear on the live class rooms page.
Employees will start meeting using Zoom App / Ramom school just before the scheduled time.
Students will simply click the Join Class button and you must approve their requests.
After the student joins, he will watch live streaming video classes.
The documentation is given in more detail.
What’s new in version 2.0
Role And Permission
3 Type Exam Setup(marks, GPA, Marks And GPA)
Exam Marks Distribution
New Student Fee Module
Fees Fine Setup, After Due Date Automatically Add Extra Charges
Single Click Fee Invoice And Payroll Print.
New Office Accounting
Exam Report Card
Student Leave And Leave Request
Student Documents
Guardian details in the Student CSV import file
Homework With Publish Schedule And Sms Notification
New Two Payment Gateway(Razorpay And Paystack)
Staff Can Requset For Advance Salary And Leave
Internal Message Sent With Attachment File
Fixed Some Minor Bugs
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection
System Requirements
PHP 5.6+
MySQL 5.x
mod_rewrite Apache
MySQLi PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
cURL PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
MBString PHP Extension
GD PHP Extension
Zip PHP Extension
allow_url_fopen enabled


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Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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