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Vinance - Digital Trading Platform


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Vinance - Digital Trading Platform

Develop for Next Generation, Smart & Easy Trading system or Trading Automation system. No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Charges, and No Encryptions. comes for a lifetime at an affordable price. Vinance comes with all the essential features required to automate your Digital Trading business globally. It allows you to trade on digital assets, mainly cryptos. comes with ease, and allows the management of the Trading services. comes with automated connections with 21+ Payment Gateways, it is possible to set manual withdrawal/deposit system, and more are coming. It’s a next-generation Trading solutions automation software that automates users, payments, Trade, billing, management, support services, and other core services.


Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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Can anyone update the coins automatically? This function is hidden, can anyone help me?

Does anyone know how to configure this?


Chart Configuration

To dynamically set up the TradingView chart for different trading pairs use the shortcodes {{pair}} & {{pairlistingmarket}} in the widget field below. System Replace {{pair}} with the trading pair symbol & {{pairlistingmarket}} with the pair listing market name. Make sure that your specified trading pair must be exists on their listed markets.


<!-- TradingView Widget BEGIN -->
<div class="tradingview-widget-container">
  <div id="tradingview_92622"></div>
  <div class="tradingview-widget-copyright"><a href="https://www.tradingview.com/" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank"><span class="blue-text">Track all markets on TradingView</span></a></div>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="https://s3.tradingview.com/tv.js"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript">
  new TradingView.widget(
  "width": "100%",
  "height": 450,
  "symbol": "{{pairlistingmarket}}:{{pair}}",
  "interval": "D",
  "timezone": "Etc/UTC",
  "theme": "dark",
  "style": "1",
  "locale": "en",
  "enable_publishing": false,
  "allow_symbol_change": true,
  "container_id": "tradingview_92622"
<!-- TradingView Widget END -->

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