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LicenseBox v1.5.2 - PHP Licenser and Updates Manager


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LicenseBox - PHP Licenser and Updates Manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

LicenseBox v1.5.2 update released, update now!

LicenseBox is a full-fledged license and updates manager for PHP applications, plugins/themes etc. LicenseBox is made up of two parts, the first part is the main script itself this will be installed/hosted on your own server and the second part is a single .php file this will be included in your PHP application on which you wish to use LicenseBox.


  • Manage licenses
  • Manage updates
  • Easy installation
  • Auto Domain/IP blacklisting
  • Multi-language support in API
  • Automated license, support, updates expiring email notifications
  • Support for Envato purchase codes
  • Cron Job for Envato purchase code reverifications and syncing
  • Internal API for adding products, licenses etc.
  • Domain/IP based license restriction
  • Expiration date/days based license restriction
  • Save license info in local encrypted license file for background license checks
  • Add check for updates feature in your scripts
  • Define your own license format
  • Push new updates for your scripts in one click
  • View where your scripts are being installed
  • Included API helper generator file for easy integration
  • Sample installer, updater, activator and deactivator scripts
  • Sample Wordpress plugin for illustrating the use of LicenseBox with Wordpress.
  • Include LicenseBox in any PHP script/framework
  • Included sample codes with live examples
  • Domain/IP based API Blacklist
  • Option to rate limit API by IP address/API Keys
  • Use it in unlimited scripts
  • and much more.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/licensebox-php-license-and-updates-manager/22351237




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