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Telegram Marketing Pro Bulk Scraper|Extract|Add|Search|Invite Member|Join Group Pro

Telegram Marketing Pro is a comprehensive tool for businesses and marketers looking to maximize their reach on Telegram.

It allows you to easily log into multiple accounts at once, import contact lists, extract members from groups and channels in batches, and send bulk invites to join your groups.

With Telegram Marketing Pro, you can quickly and easily manage your Telegram accounts, contacts, and channels, and maximize the reach of your marketing campaigns

With Telegram Marketing Pro,you can easily customize message settings.(Bold, italic, underlined etc) MarkdownV2 style

Multiple language Support:English,العربية,azərbaycan,bosanski, Italiano,Dansk,Deutsch,Français,Português,Español, euskara,Bahasa Indonesia,Bahasa Melayu,Filipino,latviešu,Русский,lietuvių,magyar,Nederlands,norsk,oʻzbekcha,Tiếng Việt,Türkçe,हिन्दी, ខ្មែរ,简体中文,繁體中文


Telegram Marketing Pro Features:

  • ✅Support Bulk import your Telegram Account List from csv File

  • ✅Support Bulk import your Telegram Account session file from folder

  • ✅Support multiple telegram accounts to login at the same time

  • ✅When your account login is successful, the software automatically saves the login session file

  • ✅Support batch setting messages to local sqlite database

  • ✅Support Message typetext,image,video

  • ✅Message format(bold, italic, underline)etc MarkdownV2 style

  • ✅Batch extraction of contact lists for multiple accounts at the same time

  • ✅Batch extraction of group lists for multiple accounts at the same time

  • ✅Batch extraction of channel lists for multiple accounts at the same time

  • ✅Batch extract group|channel member list

  • ✅Quickly extract the member list of a group or channel (up to 10K)

  • ✅Slowly extract the all member list of a group or channel (takes some time)

  • ✅IMPORTANT:Extract channels requires admin privileges,This is a mandatory requirement for telegram

  • ✅Multi-account bulk sending messages to contact list

  • ✅Multi-account polling to send messages to the username list

  • ✅Multi-account batch polling to send messages to the group|channel list(If you do not have permission, your send will fail)

  • ✅Real-time display of send results and send reports

  • ✅Multi-account polling invites users to your group or channel

  • ✅Auto Join:If the current account has not joined the target group|channel,it will automatically join

  • ✅Multi-account polling invites users to your group or channel

  • ✅Real-time automatic saving of invitation records

  • ✅Automatic de-duplication: When inviting next time, automatically exclude users who have already been invited

  • ✅Real-time display of invitation results and invitation reports (number of successes, number of failures)

  • ✅Bulk Join: Multiple accounts bulk join groups or channels.(Automatically exclude users who have been repeatedly invited)

  • ✅Search Group|Channel:Search telegram groups or channels

  • ✅System Parameter Settings

  • ✅Send Delay Settings

  • ✅invite Delay Settings

  • ✅Account safe protection settings: to reduce the risk of account being ban

  • ✅No include sourceCode

Demo:  https://codecanyon.net/item/telegram-marketer-tools-6/33837496



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