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Telegram Multi-threaded Bulk Inivte with Proxy 5.0.6

✅Support multiple accountsto work at the same time!

✅Support one-click login to All accounts

✅Support login with proxyBuilt-in Unlimited free proxies

✅Extract members by the specifiedgroup or channel link

✅Support automatic saving of invitation records, automatically filter members who have been invited, and prevent repeated invitations!

✅Supportmultiple accounts to invite members to your group or channel at the same time





Amazing Features

  • Include Install File
  • Bulk Import Account session File
  • Include Help Guide Documentation
  • Support Login with Proxy
  • Support Single Login
  • Support Multiple Accounts login
  • Multi-threaded bulk login at the same time(Maximum 50-100 accounts)
  • Supports Fast login to multiple accounts
  • Extract memebers from any group
  • Extract memebers from any channel
  • Extract maximum number setting
  • Extraction timeout settings
  • Extract|Scrape members from any gorup
  • Extract|Scrape members from any channel(Usually channels have permission requirements)
  • You can set up to extract a specified number of members(fast extract)
  • Automatically filter invalid members(For example: bot,delete account)
  • Automatically join the group|channel
  • Extract members from group links(If the account is not in the group, automatically join the group)
  • You can set up to extract a specified number of members(fast extract)
  • Invite any Members to any Group
  • Invite any Members to any Channel(Usually channels have permission requirements)
  • Multi-threaded bulk invitation
  • Multi-account bulk invitation
  • Choose the number of members to invite(By members Online Status:online,recently,offline,week,month,empty)
  • Set invitation interval
  • Set the number of invitations per account
  • Real-time display of invitation reports
  • Real-time invitation log display
  • Real-time invitation result display
  • Export invitation records
  • Invite by username list
  • Invitation history query





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  • Mahmoud changed the title to Telegram Multi-threaded Bulk Inivte with Proxy v1.0
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It’s not cool to post an application for the purpose of hidden advertising, just say that you are somehow connected with the developers and posted it for advertising purposes. And these are far from empty arguments; after reviewing this software on various sites, I realized that this is a well-thought-out marketing ploy.

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