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PHPTRAVELS Android Native v2 APP And Ios


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PHPTRAVELS Android Native v2 APP And Ios

This package includes the latest release of the Android v2 application
And IOS version 1 application

We care about your travel business.

Using our mobile booking app will help your business to increase the revenue of booking with ease. These are demo applications to test drive how they are going to work for your business.

Built with completely native code technologies


Android built in Java

iOS built in Swift


Download App
Download App
  • Homepage
  • Search Page
  • Result Page
  • Details Page
  • Details Page

Realtime API Integration

Complete API Integrated using latest technology structure and methods


opensource code modile apps

100% Opensource Code

PHPTRAVELS always do believe in opensource code structure and that is the key success of our business.

hybrid infrastructure

Native Infrastructure

Having a native application with android sourcecode is the best way to offer your travel booking business.


High Performance

Android native code application which supports all android devices with best performance.



  • All the data will be displayed realtime
  • Search check book and pay on the go
  • Works with hotels, flights, tours, cars and others
  • Multi theme option to swtich colors
  • Opensource native technology
  • Customize edit or extend the features


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Can change multilingual languages?

Can we get the latest scripts whenever the scripts was released updated?

Can I see the documentation before purchasing this item in order to see what they does on the documentation?

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