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Voucher Reseller Plugin Yetishare v7


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Voucher Reseller Plugin Yetishare v7

Front-End Website Changes:

  • Reseller Area:
    • Available via a 'reseller' navigation item.
    • Packages listed with pricing (and applicable discounts on each).
    • As a reseller selects the package and volume, the total cost is calculated.
    • User 'tops up' their balance. Purchase routed via PayPal payment gateway.
    • Automatic balance increase after user tops up account via PayPal.
    • When creating voucher codes, vouchers generated in bulk and listed onscreen. Detailed by package and premium period.
    • Resellers can cancel an unclaimed voucher key.
    • Used vouchers shown onscreen with date used.
    • Option to export unused/all vouchers to a text file (csv).
    • API access to create 1 or more vouchers externally from the site. Using their existing account balance.
    • Full reseller transaction history screen aswell as any balance amendments or refunds.
  • Redeem Voucher:
    • New input box on the upgrade page to redeem a premium voucher.
    • Limit to the amount of times someone can enter a voucher incorrectly to stop abuse.
    • Accounts automatically upgraded when voucher is used.

* Note: This plugin has been designed to work with the 'flow' theme and most Bootstrap based themes.


Admin Area :

  • View pending vouchers and what they are for (i.e. 7 days premium user).
  • View used vouchers & which account used them.
  • View overall total voucher value / money paid.
  • Search by reseller, voucher, user.
  • Cancel 1 or more vouchers.
  • Option to manually override the reseller 'balance'. (used to buy vouchers)
  • Option to generate vouchers via admin for free. Select package, period and amount.
  • Plugin configuration:
    • Enable or disable the plugin.
    • Specify voucher length.
    • Create custom voucher structure by prepending text to each voucher.
    • Specify the maxium amount of vouchers any user can generate.
    • Option to set which user packages have access to the reseller option.
    • Option to set which user packages are included for purchase in the reseller option.
    • Set discount to offer per volume purchase. i.e. buy 100 get 20% off.
    • Option to allow or disallow resellers to cancel vouchers.
    • Option to select minimum and maximum amounts of topup.

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7 hours ago, Roof99 said:

I looking yetishare plugin

1 Voucher Reseller Plugin

2 Webmoney Payment Getaway Plugin

I am paying cost 

Please provide your contact Skype id

webmoney plugin is currently unavailable.

I do not have skype

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13 minutes ago, Roof99 said:

i am pay $20 with using transfer guy is very expensive price

your cost price show up euro10 

plugin download link where ? 

I do not care how much it cost, what matters is that what I sell costs only 10 euros, and that's what I paid for.

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