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WHMCS v8.0.0 Beta 3 Nulled

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Created Wednesday, 1st August 2018
Expires Saturday, 1st August 2099

CORE-14906 - Always attempt to detect and set SystemURL on install
CORE-14986 - Prevent upgrade error when dynamic translations are defined
CORE-14988 - Update Polyfill dependencies for more robust behaviors
CORE-14989 - Improve support of legacy ICU versions utilized by the INTL extension
CORE-14990 - Improve migration for potentially faulty sub-account records
CORE-14991 - Correct route path for User Security
CORE-14992 - Correct link for Account Details
CORE-14993 - Force use of Polyfill for domain names for environments with older ICU
Also known as: CORE-15000
CORE-14994 - Correct redirect to client area home when switching users in Friendly URL
CORE-14996 - Remove hardcoded strings from new template pages
CORE-14997 - Correct indention of JS in template
CORE-14998 - Modernise foreach syntax in new template files
CORE-15001 - Ensure Users' email verification status is migrated
CORE-15003 - Remove non-functional 2FA toggle from Client Profile
CORE-15005 - Prevent fatal error wih rending restricted access Addon module client area output
CORE-15006 - Prevent error when attempting to add a client in Admin area following a masquerade operation
CORE-15013 - Prevent error when asserting 2FA
CORE-15018 - Ensure styling persists and module information is visible in Apps & Integration modal
CORE-15039 - Prevent chunked download error with Guzzle 7 stream


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