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AdHook - Digital Advertisement Network


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AdHook - Digital Advertisement Network - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Adhook is a Complete Ads Network Script For Advertising Business. AdHook is a marketplace where advertisers and publishers (webmasters) come together to sell and purchase adspaces. Adhook supports unlimited advertisers, publishers and advertisements. We have optimized system to delivery ads effectively. The only threshold is your server performance and mysql database performance. The better your server configuration and performance is, the more data entities you can have in the system. There is no restriction from the script whatsoever. its Allow publishers to earn money from ther websites, and admin keep a share of the profit. its support 20+ Payment method currently, such as paypal, skrill, stripe, paytm, paystack, vougepay, coinpayments, blockchain and more….  

Admin Features:

687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Secure Admin Dashboard.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Advance Advertisers Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Publishers Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Broadcast Email Marketing.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Subscribers Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Advertisements Plan Creation.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Advertisements Types Selection.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Deposit Method Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Withdraw Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Deposit & Withdraw Logs.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Withdraw Mthod Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Email & SMS Notification Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Website Control.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Frontend Content Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 FAQ & Blog Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Social Link Setup.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Testimonials & Statistics.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Verification System Contorl.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Reg On/Off.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Template Color Switcher.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Base CURRENCY Setup.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Pay Per View Control.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Pay Per Click Control.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Default Ads Setup.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 New Sub-Admin Creation.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 And More…..

Pubisher Features:

687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Fully Responsive Design.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Easy to Login / Register.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Effective Blog.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Easy to Contact Support.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Secure Publisher Dashboard.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Total Impression & Click Logs.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Total Earning Logs.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Profile Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Easy Withdrawal System.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Withdrawal Logs.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Ads Setup Script.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 And More…..

Advertiser Features:

687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Total Impression & Click Logs.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Credit Costing Logs.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Profile Management.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Auto Deposit via 20+ Method.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Transaction Logs.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Advertisement Plans.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Advertisement Slot.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Runing Campaign Information.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Anti-Fraud Enable.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Easy to Login / Register.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Effective Blog.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 Easy to Contact Support.
687474703a2f2f746865736f66746b696e672e63 And More…..

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/adhook-digital-advertisement-network/22752323


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