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Store Locator Android App | Locate Store, Branches, ATM, Showrooms and many more

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Store Locator Android App | Locate Store, Branches, ATM, Showrooms and many more - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


Product description

Store locator is a complete native android application to find different stores, showrooms, branches even ATM booths. The app can be used for fashion houses, banks, superstores or any kind of organization those who have multiple branches. It will help users to locate store or branches on google map along with complete address and contact informations.

It provides advanced mapping systems that will show different places for a specific store. It would be easy to search nearby stores and navigate in an user friendly way. Initially it will find most nearest points based on current user location. User will be able to find store from a different place using build in custom search facility.

If you have also plan to show anything such as shop, restaurant, hotel, ATM booth etc. you can easily add and user can easily discover various places.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/store-locator-android-app-locate-store-branches-atm-showrooms-and-many-more/22064490

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