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Demo store OkayCMS Pro

Want to try working with OkayCMS Pro? Do it right now. We provide an opportunity to work in this demonstration online store where you can do any actions. Add and delete products, import, change languages and currencies in the admin panel without restrictions. All changes will be displayed in the client part, where you can test the changes. Try OkayCMS Pro live, as a client and as an administrator, and you will be convinced of the system's convenience and ease of management.

Benefits of the version of OkayCMS Pro

1. Powerful SEO unit

If your online store has 100 or more products and even more filters, then manually adding meta tags can be quite a laborious task. For automatic generation of product meta tags, there is a special module in the Pro version, where templates can be used to specify data for all positions on the site. But that is not all! You can set metadata by templates even for filters (for example, category + brand or category + property), which has a positive effect on website promotion for low-frequency queries. Also in this section, you can add the code of counters and metrics or edit robots.txt.

  • Automatic creation of meta tags for products on a template;
  • Automatic creation of meta tags for filter pages by template
  • Optimization of pages category + brand category + property;
  • Adding Google Analytics code, Yandex Metrics and other widgets through the administrative panel with the choice of installation location (head, body);
  • Editing robots.txt.

2. A large list of marketing tools

For the best conversions in your online store, we have added marketing tools to the Pro version that help shoppers make a purchase or leave a contact.

  • Product Rating
  • Related products in the blog
  • Comparison and favorites
  • Pre-order goods
  • Back call
  • Form for collecting email subscribers
  • The output of promotional images on top of the main product photo;

3. Advanced unloading of goods in the YML file for price aggregators

Different price aggregators have different rules and they try to provide the buyer with the most complete and up-to-date information, so the following parameters can be configured in the advanced download:

  • Include the export of goods out of stock, but present in the catalog with the status "under the order";
  • If there is a retail store, enable the option "You can buy in a retail store"
  • Enable the option "You can reserve the selected product and pick it up yourself";
  • Display in YandexMarket a brief or complete description of the product to choose from;
  • Specify information on the availability of manufacturer's warranty products;
  • Specify information about the availability of goods from the seller’s warranty;
  • The ability to enter sales notes is a summary of sales, for example, delivery times.

4. Add multiple site admins

You can add site administrators with different access rights to manage different sections of the site. For example, for the content manager, only the sections responsible for filling IT with content are open, and for the sales manager, only orders and information about customers are open.

  • Each administrator has their own login and password.
  • Restricting access to sections
  • Unlimited site administrators
  • You do not need to change the password every time you leave the employee. Just delete his account.

5. Export of goods by category or brand

Sometimes there is a need to export products from a particular category or brand. And now you have this opportunity.

  • Export all goods
  • Export by category
  • Export by brand

6. Order Settings

Convenient interface for order management. Create for them any of their statuses and labels with colored markers, so that it is convenient to navigate.

  • Creating order statuses. Which is right for you
  • Transferring orders from status to status with sending mail to the customer
  • Creating tags that help you quickly navigate that with the order (for example, "call back or partially paid"

Demo: https://okay-cms.com/demo


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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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