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Dodge & Shooting - Complete Unity Game

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Dodge  & Shooting -  Complete Unity Game - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Top Trending Shooting 3D Unity Game Source Code with Nice Wonderfull Levels, Cool Graphics And Animations. Also with Admob Ads Integrated.

Ready, steady, FIRE! This is Dodge & Shoot, and it is the most fun shooter game for your phone out there.

Pick up your weapon. It’s time to take aim. Use your nimble fingers to aim your gun and find your target. Good job! Now FIRE! Whoops, you better be careful! Sometimes your enemies shoot back. Remember to dodge those bullets and stay safe!

Can you get your enemy before they get you? Find out in Dodge & Shoot!


-> Ready To Publish -> 30 Levels -> Top Trending Game -> 64bits architecture (Ready to publish Android & IOS) -> Admob Banner Ads -> Admob Interstitial Ads -> Fun Gameplay -> Bright vibrant graphics -> Simple and easy to play -> Great time killer -> Easy to Reskin

Here is Demo APK


Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/dodge-shooting/31396122


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