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Wovie v5.0.2 - Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform


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Wovie - Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform

Wovie is a powerful, flexible and User friendly Movie and TV Series Steaming CMS Pro with advance video contents management system.



  • Easy Installation : Install Wovie easily with no coding or developer in a few steps with our easy to use installer and documentation
  • Source Code : We don’t encrypt or hide our code. You have the freedom to integrate and change our code to make it fit your needs.
  • Ads Manager : Paste ad codes into integrated ad slots in admin panel and will be displayed automatically.
  • Multi Languages : You can translate Wovie to any language by editing only one file.
  • SEO Friendly : SEO friendly links, and HTML code that Google will love ❤️
  • Social Sharing : Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media
  • Community : Keep members interacting with each other with Comments and Discussions
  • High Performance : The system that meets 100% of Google Lighthouse requests
  • Player : Mp4, TS,m3e8 video format support.

Wovie came with a range of features such as:

  • TMDb Import of movies and shows.
  • Onesignal API for notifying subscribed members.
  • Comment system.
  • A forums section.
  • Advertisement manager and advertisement slots.
But we've come together and added a boat load of fixes and features which can be found below!
  • Chatbox for requests and general chit chat.
  • PWA Support which works on Android and iOS for those none native apps.
  • Better SEO Support.
  • More customisations.
  • Sitemap generation for Google Search Console.
  • RSS Feeds for your users to subscribe to.
  • Maintenance mode for if you need to do some secret work.
  • Auto embed support using Remote Stream*

And Tons of bug fixes!

Example websites:


Demo: https://www.codester.com/items/28926/wovie-movie-and-tv-series-streaming-platform


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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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  • Mahmoud changed the title to Wovie v3.1.2 - Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform
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This update should allow you to use any language for titles and actor names, the search function though still doesn't work with arabic titles or names though (still working on that) and still working on getting it to display right to left languages correctly, but at least now movie, series and actors names will work

  • Fixed Recently Added Series home module to not show anime
  • Fixed Movies/Series/Episodes/Actors Titles/Names to use Arabic
  • Added Serie tags to Episode page
  • Added Arabic Translation (thanks to MEGZ99 and kingaliyt for the translations) even though it's not 100% translated, it's translated enough
  • Changed the Admin menu to be a bit easier
    • Under Content Movies is on top, then Series, then Slider and everything below it is Alphabetical
    • Under Community Users is on top and everything below it is Alphabetical
    • Under Settings General is on top and everything below it is Alphabetical
  • Changed Collections Page to only show admin collections
    • Users can still have collections but they will only show up on their profile pages

*Still Need To Do:

  • Fix on the movie/serie/episode pages the link to genres doesn't actually work it just goes to the movies or series page but doesn't apply the genre
  • Fix when admin/user uses a rtl that the script actually shows rtl and not ltr
  • Fix search to recognize non-roman/latin lettering


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  • Mahmoud changed the title to Wovie v3.3.3 - Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform
40 minutes ago, Miroslav Pantic said:

error 500 when u use tmdb api to add movie or serie

did you enter you tmdb api into the api settings?

a 500 error unfortunately doesn't tell me much, just that you had a server issue

typically caused by

  • Permission error: The permissions of the main files and folders are not set correctly.
  • PHP timeout: The script tries to access an external resource and experiences a timeout.
  • Incorrect code in .htaccess: The structure in a .htaccess file could be wrong.
  • Error in syntax or code in CGI/Perl scripts: In some cases, scripts are incorrect. Paths, especially, can be misaligned.
  • PHP memory limit: A process exceeds memory and therefore cannot be executed correctly.

make sure that your host/server meets the requirements for the script

  • PHP 7.2+
  • allow_url_fopen On
  • cURL 7.19.4+
  • PDO On
  • GD On
  • mbstring On
  • EXIF On
  • Ability to Chmod 777 folders
  • If you can't Chmod 777 for host reasons then disable chatbox
  • MySQL database
  • Basic knowledge of executing SQL for upgrades
  • OneSignal API key for OneSignal support
  • TMDb API key for importing movies and shows
  • *Optional* Cron Jobs for the sitemap and RSS Feeds

Make sure the chmd/permissions to all files and folders are correct (normally folders set to 775 and files set to 664 is fine)
The following files and directories must be writeable (775 or 777)

  • /index.php
  • /app/config/db.config.php
  • /app/config/config.php
  • /app/chatlogs/ (must be set to 777 for the chatbox to work)
  • /install/
  • /public/upload/

If you uploaded to a subfolder make sure to edit the .htaccess
#Make sure RewriteBase points to the directory where you installed WolvieRedux.

#Remove the # from #RewriteBase if you installed WolvieRedux in a subfolder.

#Example: RewriteBase /movie if your installation is in a folder named movie.

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On 7/4/2022 at 12:38 PM, vasil detinsli said:

no install  

Screenshot 2022-07-04 143756.png

Download last version and follow this

The following files and directories must be writeable (775 or 777)

  • /index.php
  • /app/config/db.config.php
  • /app/config/config.php
  • /app/chatlogs/ (must be set to 777 for the chatbox to work)
  • /install/
  • /public/upload/


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  • Mahmoud changed the title to Wovie v5.0.2 - Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform
Posted (edited)
14 horas atrás, faszuely disse:

@MahmoudOlá amigo, você poderia me recomendar um tutorial sobre como instalar este tema no meu site, por favor...

Funciona no wordpress?

hello, this is a script, it doesn't work in wordpress, but in the public_html root, upload it in a zip file and extract it in the public_htm or htdocs folder, depending on the hosting you are using

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