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Filebob v1.5 - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS) | nulled


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You can get the Extended License here

Filebob file sharing and storage platform, for single or multiple files. You can add files easily by dragging and dropping anywhere or clicking. upload progress is visible and intuitive and uploaded files can be previewed or downloaded and every file uploaded will have a specific URL that can share anywhere. the interface is completely responsive and easy to use, and the script has a SAAS version with pricing plans that you can set from the admin panel so you can start earning money from your customer’s subscriptions.

Filebob - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS) - 4

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/filebob-file-sharing-and-storage-platform/30356232

Congratulations, it doesn't need a license



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On 8/3/2022 at 11:28 PM, yusa82 said:

I can't upload a file, it always said the file is to big Maximum file unlimited, i've change the php.ini and in the apps, but still not working, any solution?

I have the same problem. php.ini is fine. Rebooted multiple times. Database config is set to 524288000 bytes (500MB). Etc.

I have poured through the code yet I cannot figure out what's wrong. My error is "File too big. Max file size 500MB" yet I cannot upload any file more than like 1MB.

I have somewhat narrowed down the error. I don't think PHP is the issue (I could be wrong though) because the errors in UploadController.php don't trigger. The actual error that's thrown lies in resources>views>frontend>global>includes>uploadbox.blade.php on line 154 

$exceedTheAllowedSizeError = str_replace('{maxFileSize}', subscription()->formates->file_size, lang('File too big. Max file size: {maxFileSize}', 'upload zone'));


Anybody have a solution?

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