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Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) V2.5


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Sell and Buy Today is a native (not webview), multi-language classifieds application. App comes with a server part, which contains the full web version (site) and admin panel. App was created in the latest version of Android Studio (Java), server side (php). Web version (site) is a fully functional version of the application. App “communicates” with the server part using the API.

Google Play App and Website demo:

Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 1 Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 2

Admin panel demo:

Login and Password: administrator

Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 3


Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 4 Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 5 Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 6 Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 7 Sell and Buy Today (App and Website) - 8


  • Create, delete, make inactive/active classified ads
  • Upload profile photos and covers
  • Moderation for profile photos, covers and classifieds
  • Realtime chats with sellers and buyers
  • Add classifieds to favorites
  • Multilingual application and website
  • Notifications about moderation of items, photos, and covers
  • Choosing a location on the map
  • Search filters
  • Login and signup via email
  • Facebook login and signup
  • Blacklist
  • Adding and editing categories in the admin panel
  • Editing and blocking accounts in the admin panel
  • Complaints system
  • Push Notifications (FCM)
  • Admob banner
  • Adsense banners
  • Reading private messages in admin panel
  • and much more


v2.5 – (13.06.2020) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Protection against registration by bots through the API interface
  • Constants have been added (SHOW_ONLY_MODERATED_ADS_BY_DEFAULT in Constants.java and WEB_SHOW_ONLY_MODERATED_ADS_BY_DEFAULT in db.inc.php), with which you can enable the display of ads only verified by the moderator – by default, but each user can change this individually in the filters.
  • Bug fixes.

v2.4 – (19.05.2020) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added Google Adsense integration (Adsense section in admin panel).
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

v2.3 – (18.05.2020) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Minor fixes and improvements.


Hosting with PHP, MYSQL, APACHEsell-and-buy-today-app-and-website.zip



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