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IPS Community Suite 4.4.2

Key Changes

Version 4.4.2 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.1.

Additional Information


  • Adjusted the AdminCP live search to look for search strings within the name and email address (instead of only at the beginning) for sites with less than 1,000,000 members.
  • Improved error reporting for unexpected exceptions in some cases when manually running tasks.
  • Upgraded CKEditor to 4.11.3.
  • Added some AdminCP live search keywords for the Icons & Logos page.
  • Adjusted search results processing to automatically clear out invalid results when detected.
  • Adjusted comment and item widgets to restrict by the last year to prevent slow performance.
  • Fixed an issue where the leaderboard may not correctly rebuild.
  • Fixed an issue where searched terms may not be highlighted on the search results page when using Elasticsearch.
  • Fixed being unable to reach the last page of search results with Elasticsearch.
  • Fixed an issue where users could encounter an error by logging in with a new social account after already associating with a social account.
  • Fixed mobile PWA manifest file not being accessible to guests when guests are required to login to use the site.
  • Fixed an issue where javascript would not load due to a bug in the 3rd party Howler library.
  • Fixed an issue where the prune members background task may stall if it encounters a staff account.
  • Fixed an issue where email link tracking may not apply to all bulk mails sent.
  • Fixed an edge case issue where it was possible for the lazy load rebuild to affect embedded videos.
  • Fixed an upgrade issue that can occur if you have more than one of the same email address specified for upgrade notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where imported members accounts were not marked as completed.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the warning type on the warning form would not toggle the 'remove points never' checkbox to the correct value
  • Fixed an issue where profile fields display HTML code when applying custom formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrader could link to an incorrect theme when reporting theme conflicts.
  • Fixed an issue with the upgrade now link on the front-end notification banner.
  • Fixed an issue where the display name filter wouldn't store the "either" option.
  • Fixed images with uppercase extensions not launching the lightbox correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where page styling is lost temporarily when clicking "Check Again" on the support tool in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed an issue with comment widgets where editing them may not show the correctly selected date range.


  • Fixed an error adding a member to a club through the REST API.


  • Excluded archived topics from email digests.
  • Fixed an issue where post counts for forums may be incorrect if archiving is used.
  • Fixed an issue where merging two topics may show the topic at the wrong position in the forum listing.
  • Prevented a possible infinite redirect problem when merging two topics simultaneously with each other.
  • Applied group name formatting to member names in topics when viewed on a phone.
  • Removed redirect forums from fluid view.


  • Fixed an error upgrading Gallery when there are orphaned albums.


  • Fixed guests being able to post comments without permission to do so.
  • Fixed blog entry ratings not displaying.
  • Fixed a minor display issue with blog ratings and tags when viewing blog entries.


  • Improved the display and functionality of non-recurring subscription packages.
  • Improved security of public endpoints that receive webhooks and other notifications from gateways.
  • Fixed an issue where guests who cannot view the site cannot register if a subscription is required to be purchased during registration.
  • Fixed not being able to check out through Braintree purchasing a subscription while using a credit card.
  • Fixed upgrading of expired purchases resulting in account credit being issued.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a subscription without renewal options would result in a error.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a subscription wouldn't delete the cover image.
  • Fixed an issue where the recount background task would fail.


  • Fixed an issue where the record revision list would show the same diff for each revision
  • Fixed an HTML validation error with record comments.


  • Fixed being unable to submit multiple files at once.


  • Fixed an issue where Javascript/HTML may be stripped from code boxes in vB5.
  • Fixed an issue where some data may not be converted when converting from SMF, Vanilla, Expression Engine.
  • Fixed an issue where some converters may not be available for use (bbPress, Coppermine).
  • Fixed an issue with SMF conversions where forums may not allow new posts following the conversion.


  • Fixed guests being able to submit articles without permission to do so.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

  • Fixed an Error Exception occurring when a user receives their first PM during the instant Notifications AJAX polling.
  • Adjusted the `Content\Item::_comments()` queries to not cause a MySQL Error when 3rd party code hooks into Comment::joins to add additional joins.
  • Fixed an issue where `\IPS\Lang::replace` would change non-string values into an empty string


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