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    GigToDo Mobile Ios App

    NB: Apps Require GigToDo v1.5.3 and above to work.
    GigToDo mobile apps are finally ready for sale. The app is built with the powerful and popular programming language called flutter, which was created by Google. Our team is very knowledgeable with this programming language which means we will consistently build in newer features and always improve on the stability of the app.
    With the GigToDo mobile apps, any GigToDo owners can easily connect the apps to their own copy of the script. We have created an extensive documentation to help with this. Some of the features implemented on the app are:
    Push notifications for orders Post/Manage Request Purchase proposals with different payment gateways Inbox Messaging Order management and order messaging Power search system Review & Pay custom orders Notification system Invite users feature implemented Support System Update online status Terms and service/Privacy Policy Please watch this demo video of the app
    Either watch the video below or click here to watch it.
    Download and test app. Click one of the links below to download demo app, or search “GigToDo” on either App Store or Playstore.
    GigToDo – IOS App Store GigToDo – Android Play Store Demo Login Info:
    Username: Pat
    Pass: Pat
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