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  1. This product is seriously and thoroughly invested by our 10+ years of experience in the business. We’re adding & improving it continuously for 3+ years, done 200+ releases, 1000+ features. Surely it will never cost $19 $29 or $39, this product is for those who are serious and really want to grow their business. You will find yourself a bargain when you buy UltimatePOS. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-pos-stock-management-point-of-sale-application/21216332 Congratulations, it doesn't need a license Download: ultimate-pos-v4.7.zip
  2. Version 8.3.0 (Release Candidate 1)ImplementedCORE-16311 – New enhanced controls and visibility of ticket replies awaiting review and importMaintenanceCORE-13492 – Improve handling and display for invalid route requestsAlso known as: CORE-16202CORE-15844 – Improve handling of inline attachments without filename or extensionCORE-16056 – Correct calculations for manually applied upgrade/downgrade with promotion codeAlso known as: CORE-14325CORE-16426 – Correct attachment of files from remote file storage for ad-hoc emailsCORE-16894 – Ensure translated version of service merge fields are used if configuredCORE-16901 – Ensure “Show on Order Form” gateway setting does not limit usage outside of order formCORE-16940 – Correct display of non-expired, limited recurring promotions within listsAlso known as: MODULE-7681CORE-16944 – Ensure client group colour is present on assigned ticket listCORE-17051 – Correct CSS classes for invoice view with Twenty-OneCORE-17055 – Ensure tax and total are correctly displayed in admin area for scaling product with promo codeCORE-17069 – Update hook description for InvoicePaymentReminderCORE-17070 – Correct translation string used for SiteLock Defend features listCORE-17072 – Ensure Sitebuilder icon shown in upsell promo bannerCORE-17084 – Correct URL target for domain checker’s own domain formCORE-17091 – Improve binary attachment inspection on ticket reply importModulesMODULE-7588 – Correct display of payment buttons on invoice for 2CheckoutMODULE-7652 – Display success message when changing cPanel password in admin area ;font-size:13px;"> Download Link :
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  3. Key Features: Multiple Business/Shops: Set up multiple businesses in the application. No restriction on numbers of businesses. Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business. Add Location / Storefronts / Ware House: Create multiple locations for your business/shop Manage all of them at the same time. Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations. Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location User & Role Management: Powerful user and role management system Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier Create different Roles with permission as per your need. Create unlimited users with different roles. Contacts (Customer & Suppliers): Mark contact as customer or supplier or both(customer & Supplier) View details of transactions with a contact. View total of Credit/Debit balance amount Define pay term and get payment alerts week before the due date. Products: Manage Single & Variable products. Classify products according to Brands, Category, Sub-Category. Add products having different units Add SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with prefixes. Get stock alerts on low stock. Save time by auto calculating selling price, the system is smart to auto calculate selling price based on purchase price and profit margin. No need to type variations every time, create variation template and use it everytime you need to create variable products. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-pos-stock-management-point-of-sale-application/21216332 Download:
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