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  1. This product is seriously and thoroughly invested by our 10+ years of experience in the business. We’re adding & improving it continuously for 3+ years, done 200+ releases, 1000+ features. Surely it will never cost $19 $29 or $39, this product is for those who are serious and really want to grow their business. You will find yourself a bargain when you buy UltimatePOS. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-pos-stock-management-point-of-sale-application/21216332 Congratulations, it doesn't need a license Download: ultimate-pos-v4.7.zip
  2. Version 8.3.0 (Release Candidate 1)ImplementedCORE-16311 – New enhanced controls and visibility of ticket replies awaiting review and importMaintenanceCORE-13492 – Improve handling and display for invalid route requestsAlso known as: CORE-16202CORE-15844 – Improve handling of inline attachments without filename or extensionCORE-16056 – Correct calculations for manually applied upgrade/downgrade with promotion codeAlso known as: CORE-14325CORE-16426 – Correct attachment of files from remote file storage for ad-hoc emailsCORE-16894 – Ensure translated version of service merge fields are used if configuredCORE-16901 – Ensure “Show on Order Form” gateway setting does not limit usage outside of order formCORE-16940 – Correct display of non-expired, limited recurring promotions within listsAlso known as: MODULE-7681CORE-16944 – Ensure client group colour is present on assigned ticket listCORE-17051 – Correct CSS classes for invoice view with Twenty-OneCORE-17055 – Ensure tax and total are correctly displayed in admin area for scaling product with promo codeCORE-17069 – Update hook description for InvoicePaymentReminderCORE-17070 – Correct translation string used for SiteLock Defend features listCORE-17072 – Ensure Sitebuilder icon shown in upsell promo bannerCORE-17084 – Correct URL target for domain checker’s own domain formCORE-17091 – Improve binary attachment inspection on ticket reply importModulesMODULE-7588 – Correct display of payment buttons on invoice for 2CheckoutMODULE-7652 – Display success message when changing cPanel password in admin area ;font-size:13px;"> Download Link :
    Hidden Content.
  3. Thank You sir Today i will upload the whole script as we have finished nulling the script
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