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  1. first delete the storage file in the public folder this file is a link but when you download it it becomes a path file 2. after removing it open the terminal of your hosting 3 in your terminal go to your root folder with the command "cd your root path" if your site is in the root folder write "cd public_html" but if your site is in another domain or subdomain add the name of the folder "cd subdomini.domain.com" 4 since your terminal shows you that you are in the root folder of the site, execute the command "php artisan storage: link" The terminal should answer you with an ok 1.cd your folder site 2. run comand
  2. View File Skote - React Admin & Dashboard Template + Sketch Skote - React Admin & Dashboard Template + Sketch https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dpfwgi6aCaFBfYv8rLeQDIIKoUStnu9j/view?usp=sharing Submitter Advanced Locate Submitted 08/03/2022 Category Template Demo https://themeforest.net/item/skote-react-admin-dashboard-template/26318700  
  3. Version 4.0


    Skote is a fully featured premium admin dashboard template built in React & React Vite in Redux, Saga and Hooks with firebase / fack-backend and Facebook / Google authentication and multi-language supports with developer-friendly codes. We have not used jQuery in this template its pure ReactJs with CRA and fully components based admin template. Sketch, Figma & XD files are also available with this template. Skote is a beautifully crafted, clean & minimal designed admin template with Dark, Light Layouts with RTL options. You can build any type of web application like Saas based interface, eCommerce, CRM, CMS, Project management apps, Admin Panels, etc. It will help your team moving faster and saving development costs and valuable time. If you are a developer looking for a minimal admin dashboard that is fully responsive with Bootstrap and React, Redux, Saga, Hooks without jQuery, you are at the right place to start your project using Skote – React Admin Dashboard Template. Skote contains lots of new design widgets with responsive on all screens. Also, there are 7+ different types of Layouts we have added along with sidebar image and color changes options. It is very easy to change any layout in your existing running application by changing a couple of lines of code only as it’s managed with scss for Light, Dark and RTL and JSON object for all layouts. We have written standard and developer-friendly code to increase performance.
  4. 1.Delete storage folder symbolic link in root_of_project/public/. If exists. (storage files) 2.Run php artisan storage:link command.
  5. 1.Delete storage folder symbolic link in root_of_project/public/. If exists. (storage file) 2.Run php artisan storage:link command.
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