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  1. n sale Bonjour! Friends eClass fills in as a stage that permits teachers from everywhere throughout the world to spread information. Let’s allow us to explain our product. Students take courses largely as a means of improving skills . Believe it or not, in present e-classes for serious learning, bursting with features & with latest SEO standards simply didn’t exists at a very affordable price tag. Our all in one software is sparkling with features, customer-friendly, secure, scalable, reliable, great looking, synchronized, expandable & flexible. A deal is the goal, and your online class is the place clients can either desert things in the passageways or end on a positive note. With eClass, student can buy your courses whenever it might suit them. Stay ahead of the future. Optimize your courses to sell more: eClass comes with features to help you connect your audience with the right learning. It is the most customizable eClass platform for building your online learning platform. With eClass become the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction. Update Detail 25/06/2020 ( Version 2.0 ) - Linkedin Login - Twitter Login - Lesson/ Class Rearrange Drag & Drop - Audio Class on Course Classes - Instructors Profile Page - Assignment On Course - Appointment to Course Instructor - Player Updated - Swift Code Option On Bank Transfer - BigBlueButton & Zoom Meeting On Courses - Certificate After Course Complete - Map API Settings - Map & Image Option on Contact Page - Learning Material on Course Chapter - UI Improved - Mobile No. Disable Option for Signup - Promo / Announcement Bar - Minor Bugs Fixed Download links: https://www.mirrored.to/files/1NB02BRZ/eClass_v2.0.zip_links https://workupload.com/file/rFNrhPNbrWh https://www.mirrored.to/files/1NB02BRZ/eClass_v2.0.zip_links https://workupload.com/file/rFNrhPNbrWh
  2. How to nulled? Download link: Ramon v3.0: https://www.oboom.com/U2X2V1ZO/Ramom3.0.zip eClass v2.0: https://www.oboom.com/BFJSX6PM/eclass-learning-management-system v2.0.zip
  3. V2.9 nulled The Only 5 Star Rated & 350+ Sales School ERP Solution on CodeCanyon Why InstiKit doesn’t have Zoom Integration? There are few scripts in CodeCanyon claiming they have Zoom Live Class. To get it working the teacher as well as the student must have Zoom App installed into their system & the class is organised over Zoom App not in the script. What is the purpose of using the script having live class if everything is to be managed by Zoom App? You can use only Zoom App without need of any script. We didn’t find it useful. InstiKit doesn’t require any thirdparty app & Live Class can be scheduled within the app. Download the Native Android App from Google Play The only School ERP script that offers Real Time Live Video Class & Live Meeting without any third party Integration Version 2.9.0 is released with Live Classes for Students & Live Meeting for Staff. Please read more about Meeting Module at https://scriptmint.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/42000073767. Currently supported browser is Google Chrome Version > 80 Schedule a Live Class, Multiple Students, Live Audio & Video Session & Share Screen (Desktop Only) Schedule a Live Meeting, Multiple Staff, Live Audio & Video Session & Share Screen (Desktop Only) Mobile App is available at additional cost. Visit https://instikit.com Exclusive Doodu Analytics Exam Report Analysis Realtime Analysis of Exam Report School-wise, Course-wise, Batch-wise Report Tons of Printable & Exportable Reports Reports available for Admin, Subject Teachers, Students & Parents Any Key Search This is how you can store student’s attendance Once a Day, Multiple Times a Day or Subject Wise! While other School Script still wants you to select from dropdown, here you can view the attendance of one month and update attendance with different methods! InstiKit – The Perfect School Management System For Schools, Colleges, Institutes & Academies The most powerful Exam Module that supports various exam patterns. For report card demo, Choose Grade XI Section A. Searching for a tool to help you manage your school? Why purchase other school management applications which might offer tons of modules but are difficult to understand, lack features in depth, are not scalable or not reliable for future. InstiKit, the Perfect School Management Application tops them all with the curated list of modules, well thought through features, easy to understand & operate, scalable for large-scale application and well planned future development roadmap. Here are some points which make InstiKit the Perfect School Management System choice for your schools, colleges institutes, training centers, and academies. Built with Latest Version of Laravel (7.x), The Most Popular and Widely Supported PHP Framework Built with Latest Version of Vue.JS (2.6.x) The Fastest and The Most Starred JavaScript Framework Easy Installation Wizard and Step-by-step Installation Tutorial Videos Supports REST API, easy to integrate with other application Single Page Application, reduces queries to server, decreases loading time, less bandwidth usage and improved user experience One Click Update Feature, makes updating the application to latest version a breeze Most Efficient Database Structure, gives scalability to the application Clean & Simple Coding Structure allows you to customize the application Not convinced? Here are some unique features making InstiKit The Best School Management System Application. While other school management applications do not provide enough dummy data for demo and testing, we have prepared a demo of our app with dummy data of over 130+ students, 40+ employees in multiple academic session, with courses, classes, subjects, attendance, books in the library and financial transactions etc. We have also created a bot and we named it … You guessed it right “The InstiKit Bot”. It appears on every page and gives you a little intro to the module and it’s features. Don’t like it? Not to worry because the power to shut that bot is in your hands, just click the “Close Forever” button on it. Free Predesigned School Website with Powerful CMS You can have a website ready for your School in just few clicks and save up to $500, with the help of InstiKit’s powerful Content Management System (CMS). We also have a Step-by-step Installation Video, Excellent Support Team, and Thoroughly Prepared Documentation. You can test all the features thoroughly to know that every module in InstiKit is created with perfection to fulfill the requirements of your institute and making it the perfect school management system. Upcoming Features and Future Development Plan We have loads of things planned for InstiKit, from tons of modules to updated and improved user interface, our development team is working on it like ninjas. Read our future development plan and upcoming features for InstiKit at http://scriptmint.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/42000039265-upcoming-features Still not satisfied? Watch our intro video or check the live demo! InstiKit is the perfect School Management Application, created with the aim of making a real-time solution that helps you manage your School, College, Institute or Academy, and improve the productivity of the school multi fold. InstiKit reduces the time needed to put on administrative tasks, thus allowing an school to focus more on the students and it’s improvement. It helps in several ways: Track enquiries & visitors log on the front office Create multiple academic sessions and manage courses, classes, batches, and subjects Manage day-to-day classes & Timetables Manage registration, pre-admission, and admission process Add and manage students, teachers, and staffs. Know more about them with their detailed informative profile Ability to promote and terminate students Record daily and subject wise attendance Build multi-level employee structures and manage it smoothly Create tasks with reminders and stay organized Manage fee, it’s allocation, concession & cancellation Print professional, great looking fee receipts Create multiple accounts and track transactions Manage routes, vehicles, it’s documents, fuel & service records Track day to day vehicle log Use powerful library management system to manage books. Filter & search books with authors, publishers, subjects & topics Keep records of the books issued, return, late fee and penalty Give login access to students, parents, and staffs. Control their access using powerful roles & permission control system Style the application to your own branding with pre-built themes and color options Installation Wizard to set up the application To Do list, Notes, and Reports The mind behind this app is the Founder & Lead Developer of the ScriptMint Team. He has in-depth experience in the field of education, being a Director of a Senior Secondary School affiliated by CBSE in India. He understands the issues faced by the management & administration and knows the requirements precisely. As an exclusive author of Envato Marketplace, the ScriptMint has earned over 1500 sales worth $75,000 with a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars. The future development roadmap of InstiKit keeps you assured that you are choosing the perfect tool for the job. You can read more about the existing & upcoming features below. Try the live demo to see how InstiKit can help you manage your School. If you want to contribute translation please send us at hello@scriptmint.com. PHP >= 7.2.5 PHP Extensions Required OpenSSL PDO MBString Tokenizer XML Fileinfo Mcrypt Zip cURL Mysql Native Driver GD Image Library Ctype JSON Others Requirements allow_url_fopen enabled CURL 7.67 (min) enabled Symlink Enable Demo Link https://demo.instikit.com Login Informations To login as Admin Email: admin@admin.com Password: password To login as Manager Email: manager@manager.com Password: password To login as Principal Email: principal@principal.com Password: password To login as Staff Email: staff@staff.com Password: password To login as Accountant Email: accountant@accountant.com Password: password To login as Librarian Email: librarian@librarian.com Password: password To login as Student Email: student@student.com Password: password To login as Parent Email: parent@parent.com Password: password What information is required during installation? The script requires “Access Code” to be entered during installation. You need to log in with your Envato account to https://auth.scriptmint.com to get the access code and add domains where you want to install the application. You can read more about “Access Code” at: http://scriptmint.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/42000022689-where-can-i-get-access-code-required-during-installation- Does this script include all the source codes with un-minified versions? Yes, it includes everything! Including all the files from composer.json, package.json, webpack.mix.js, various plugins which have been used. Where can I access the documentation? The documentation is available at http://scriptmint.freshdesk.com/support/solutions which can be accessed online. In case you face an issue, kindly raise a ticket at http://support.scriptmint.com. Our estimated response time is 48 working hours. Does the author provide installation support? No, the author doesn’t provide installation support on your live server. You can read the support documentation at http://scriptmint.freshdesk.com/support/solutions or you can watch our installtion turorial videos at https://instikit.com/videos. For Local system installation you can hire expert assistance via AnyDesk and Skype Audio Call for 1 hour that will be charged $50 for one time installation. Will I get support for further development if I have any queries? No, you will not get any kind of support. This script is not supported. If you wish to have get any support, you need to pay $20/hour. Does the author provide customization? Yes, the author is available to provide customization services but with an additional charge of $20 an hour. Cost is negotiable for larger customization requirements. Can I use this script on multiple instances? Every purchase should follow the Envato terms. Read Regular License term / Extended License term. I would like to customize the script. I do not have experience in Laravel & Vue.js. What should I do? If you don’t have experience in Laravel & Vue.js then author will not be able to provide you support for customization. The script also requires good command in npm and to change the layout or frontend, you need to compile the assets using npm build tools. You can hire any other experience developer or hire ScriptMint to do customization. Is refund or exchange option available? This script is a digital product in nature, so it would not be feasible for us to give a refund or exchange option, sorry. Documentation related to this script is available at https://scriptmint.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/42000099005 This item is not supported. It means, we charge separately for support (Optional) and this is how we able to offer FREE Updates. You are advised to visit the live demo with all the features, You are also advised to visit the documentation at https://scriptmint.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/42000063885 where over 150+ articles are available, check all the server pre requisites & video installation guide at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLLJvLMRILfHnD3uZkHxXQ before purchase & if you are satisfied then only purchase. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on InstiKit. Click here to share your feedback or click here to make a feature request. instikit-v2.9.0.zip
  4. eClass - Learning Management System Trending Live PreviewScreenshots Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Add to Favorites Add to Collection Bonjour! Friends eClass fills in as a stage that permits teachers from everywhere throughout the world to spread information. Let’s allow us to explain our product. Students take courses largely as a means of improving skills . Believe it or not, in present e-classes for serious learning, bursting with features & with latest SEO standards simply didn’t exists at a very affordable price tag. Our all in one software is sparkling with features, customer-friendly, secure, scalable, reliable, great looking, synchronized, expandable & flexible. A deal is the goal, and your online class is the place clients can either desert things in the passageways or end on a positive note. With eClass, student can buy your courses whenever it might suit them. Stay ahead of the future. Optimize your courses to sell more: eClass comes with features to help you connect your audience with the right learning. It is the most customizable eClass platform for building your online learning platform. With eClass become the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction. Authorization Admin: URL:Click Here Username: admin@mediacity.co.in Password: 123456 Instructor: URL:Click Here Username: instructor@mediacity.co.in Password: 123456 User: URL:Click Here Username: user@mediacity.co.in Password: 123456 Key Features PWA – Progressive Web App Ultimate Video Player (Worth $36) Responsive Design Admin Dashboard Instructor Dashboard Student Dashboard Big Blue Button Integrate for Meetings Zoom Integration for Meetings Instructor Payout, Pay to Instructor Payment Gateways – Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, Manual Bank Transfer Indian Payment Gateways – RazorPay, Instamojo, PayTM Three Level Categories Wish List Player Settings Advertisements Settings Right Click, Inspect Element Disable Featured Categories Secured Cart System Site Settings Player Subtitle Mail Setting through Admin API setting by admin Social Login – Facebook, Gitlab, Google, Amazon Grid View & List View Course Expire Duration Paid Featured Course by Instructor (PayTM Indian Payment Gateway) Message to Instructor Invoice PDF Download Quiz for Courses ADMIN Translation Notification Course Progress Coupons Language Translator Geo Location Support YouTube, Viemo & MP-4, m3u8, HLS, WEMB Video Support Live Streaming Google Drive Embedded Video Link Support Embedded Video Link Support AWS & Digital Ocean Video Links Support cloudinary.com Video Supported Subtitle File Support (.srt & .txt) Multipal Playback Rates Selection Loop & Shuffle Video Resume Play Become an Instructor option Course URL/Upload (Video, Image, Zip, Pdf) Course Download – PDF, Zip, Video, Image (png,jpg) Course Search Course Rating Course Query Q&A Course Review System Course Report Course Purchase Report Invoice Course Purchase Report Review Report Feedback System Blogs FAQ – Student, Instructor Google Adsense Testimonial About Detail Page Career Page Contact Us Page Welcome Email Email on Purchase Secure Login & Change Password RTL Support Bundle Courses Captcha on Signup Drag & Drop Categories & Sliders SEO Ready URL Course Certificate & Download Option Bootstrap 4 Framework Owl Carousel 2 W3C Valid Markup Based on 1170px grid Smooth Transition Effects Font Awesome Icons Documentation Include Unique and Exclusive Idea Unique and Creative Project Clean Code and Clean Design Server Requirements You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements: PHP = 7.2 Big Blue Button Requirements You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements for Big Blue Button: https://docs.bigbluebutton.org/2.2/install.html I use Laravel framework version 6.0 Update Detail 01/06/2020 ( Version 1.9 ) - Big Blue Button Integrate for Meetings - Google Adsense - Course Progress - Map Settings - Bank Transfer Proof upload - Minor Bugs Fixed 13/05/2020 ( Version 1.8 ) - Bundle Courses - Amazon Login - Captcha on Signup - Float Values on Course Price - Minor Bugs Fixed 30/04/2020 ( Version 1.7) - Zoom Integration - Instructor Payout, Pay to Instructor - Live Class - Due Date for Quiz - Quiz Reattempt Enable/Disable option - Preloader Enable/Disable option - Paypal on Instructor Featured Course - Translation Issues Fixed - Minor Bugs Fixed 08/04/2020 ( Version 1.6 ) - Update to Laravel 6.0 - Google Login - Quiz Give Again - Admin Enroll User - Grid View & List View - Course Expire Duration - Instructor Dashboard Translation - Paid Featured Course by Instructor (PayTM Indian Payment Gateway) - Instructor Blog Adding - Minor Bugs Fixed 26/03/2020 ( Version 1.5 ) - Drag & Drop Categories & Sliders - Preview Videos on each Course Class Upload/Url - RTL Support - SEO Ready URL - Course Certificate & Download Option - Default Images - Question Report - UI Improved - Minor Bugs Fixed 08/03/2020 ( Version 1.4 ) - Player Setting Auto Play - Message to Instructor - Invoice PDF Download - Quiz for Courses - PWA Settings Through Admin - Static Word Translation - UI Fixing - ADMIN Translation - Preloader - Minor Bugs Fixed 22/02/2020 ( Version 1.3 ) - Player Setting - Advertisement Setting - UI Improve - Minor Bugs Fixed 12/02/2020 ( Version 1.2 ) - Image Optimization - Minor Bugs Fixed 09/02/2020 ( Version 1.1 ) - Add Pay Tm Indian Payment Gateway - Add Manual Bank Transfer Payment Gateway - Instructor Dashboard Improve - Course Review Improve - Minor Bugs Fixed Note: Any media – Images, icons or logos used in previews are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects. Read help file for more details after you purchase the template. download link: https://www116.zippyshare.com/v/RkUSjrKP/file.html © All Rights Reserved media-city Contact the Envato Market Help Team
  5. Ramom - Multi Branch School Management System https://codecanyon.net/item/ramom-multi-branch-school-management-system/25182324 Version Update History Version 2.5 – 02,May,2020 - Live Class Rooms (Zoom Integration). - Accounting Links (Student fees, salary payments will automatically enter the office accounting). - Teachers Have Been Restricted. - Custom Field. - Staff Multiple Import(CSV). - Reports Section Has Been Updated. - Msg91 Sms Api Has Been Updated. - All Known Bug Have Been Fixed. ramom-v2.5.zip
  6. Hi, how to nulled... could you nulled this code? or do you know how I could do it? ❤️
  7. Mire películas y programas de televisión en línea o transmita directamente a su televisor inteligente, consola de juegos, PC, Mac, teléfono móvil, tableta y más. Creado según el marco de Laravel, la interfaz está escrita en VueJS.Demostración: https://codecanyon.net/item/cinemarex-strea...ervice/21666106 Documentación: https://docs.ankitech.space/ Requisitos: 1- FFmpeg 4.02- Nodejs3- Pusher (Service)4- TMDB (optional)5- AWS (optional)6- Jwplayer cinemarex-streaming-service-v1.4.9.zip
  8. usa php 5.6 y apache, mod rewrite activado y curl... Instalación limpia en servidor. Suerte bro
  9. 10 USD Contactame en: alfonsobp15@gmail.com O en telegram: https://t.me/pleskcrack
  10. Tengo plesk obsidian con licencia. instalación ilimitada hasta julio del 2020 caduca. $$$ ofrezcan y hago instalación gratis. (free)
  11. Do you have any questions? please read our FAQs.WoWonder is very easy to install, Watch how to install WoWonderDemo 1 Follow System + Wonder button Demo 2 Friends System + Dislike buttonWonder & Dislike buttons are available on follow & friends systems. User Features (Demo) High Performance & High Level Cache System: The #1 thing that must be available on any social network website, The Speed ! Speed up your website with our Cache system, enable it and the website can handle more than 1 Million user! Wonder (New Feature): With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos, videos. RTL Support: WoWonder also supports right to left languages. Social Login: With WoWonder you can login via most famous social media websites like (Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – LinkedIn – Vk – Instagram). Easy & Nice Looking URL: Users, Pages, Group all in one tiny URL ! User Last Seen: Displays user’s last seen/online status. Profile visit Notification: Receive notification from users who visited your profile. Friends & Follow System: WoWonder Supports friends system like Facebook, follow system like twitter. Home/News Feed: Displays Posts, Photos, Files, Videos, and Maps posted by friends/followed people, Also story filters, follow/friends suggestions, and user activities list. User Timeline: Displays user?s profile with Posts, Photos, Videos posted and shared by user. Pages: User can create unlimited pages and invite his friends to like the pages. Groups: User can create unlimited groups and invite/add his friends to his joined groups. Games: User can play unlimited flash games. Social Videos Support: User can easily share videos from the biggest videos sharing websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook videos & Soundcloud music Photo Album: User can create unlimited photo albums with nice looking style. Cover Picture: Dynamic Cover for users. Profile Picture: Dynamic profile picture for users. User Privacy: Control who can message you, post on your timeline, follow you, confirm follow requests or not, last seen, etc. User Profile Info: Displays user’s profile information (birthday, website, gender, social media, about, last seen, etc). Notifications: Receive notification from users (likes, dislikes, comments, wonders, shares .. etc) #Hashtags: Displays trending and related topics shared by users. @Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or messages. Post Publisher: Status, Sound cloud, YouTube, Vine, Google Maps, Videos, Files, Photos and emoticons. Delete & Edit Posts: User can delete and edit his own posts. Save Posts: User can save posts to view them later. User Events: User can share their events like feelings/travailing/watching/playing/listening. Recent Search: What ever the user was looking for, all will be saved into recent searches with the ability to clear them. Post Privacy: User can choose the post privacy (Only me, Everyone.. etc) Likes: Like or unlike a post. View list of people who like this. Dislike: Dislike a post. View list of people who dislike this. Comments & Replies: Comment on a post, Reply to a comment, View all post comments. Search: Search for people, #Hashtags with our filtered search system. Reports: Report posts to be checked by administrators. Live Chat: Real-time live chat system, (online, offline) status. Messages: Send and receive private messages & share files from other Users. API: retrieve user data, user posts, search for users via API. Activities: Displays user’s latest activities (likes, shares,comments, wonders) Multi Languages: 4 Languages (Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish) with the ability to add unlimited languages. Verified Profiles/Pages. Fully responsive for all devices, browsers. Password recovery by email. Online user counter on admin & home page. Comment auto detector Emoticons. and much more… Admin Panel Features: Admin Dashboard: Full statics with charts analyzing the site information. General Settings: Update general settings of website. Site settings: Update site settings like name,title,keywords.. etc .. Theme System: Dynamic theme system with PHP support that allows you to change the whole layout of the website. Advertisement: Display ads on your websites. Manage Reports: View reported posts, mark them as safe or delete. Manage Users: View, edit, verify, reset password, delete users. Manage Posts: View, delete posts. Add/Edit Games: Add and edit games on easy way from the admin panel. Mailing List: With our mailing list system you can send your message to all registered users in just one click ! Announcements: Write, edit, delete, active, and inactive your announcements. Google analytics: Add, edit your Google analytics code. Ban user: Ben user ip on very easy way. reCaptcha: Add, edit your reCaptcha key. and so much more… Requirements: PHP 5.5 or Higher.MySQLi.GD Library.mbstring.cURL.allow_url_fopen.SSL certificate (just require for video chat). Native applications for WoWonder Updates Version 2.3 30/05/2019 https://bestblackforum.s3.dualstack.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/original/2X/d/d99b859181bdf7e71dd70fe5bdefef5aa36ee8e9.zip ready (Y)
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