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  1. there is an issue: result blanc page fixed in version 1.7
  2. where is the download link ?
  3. can you please update to the last version, it's totally deffirent
  4. when you put anything the button next don't work i bypassed this step by changing the line 42 of the file./application/controllers/Installer.php PHP: if($result['status_code'] == 200){ by this code Code: if($result['status_code'] != 200){ but i got problem in the step 4 of installationi am not an advanced php developperwho can help ?may be in the line 344 of this same file there is a problem coz this website is down PHP: $remote_file_url = 'https://www.dreamguys.co.in/gigs_updates/'.$file_name.'';
  5. i have retail joysale v3.2-1 there are 3 crypted files, who can decrypt ?