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  1. This folder is in the owner's trash To view this folder, ask the owner to restore it.
  2. what are the features added in your modification the demo is not working
  3. there is an issue: result blanc page fixed in version 1.7
  4. where is the download link ?
  5. can you please update to the last version, it's totally deffirent
  6. when you put anything the button next don't work i bypassed this step by changing the line 42 of the file./application/controllers/Installer.php PHP: if($result['status_code'] == 200){ by this code Code: if($result['status_code'] != 200){ but i got problem in the step 4 of installationi am not an advanced php developperwho can help ?may be in the line 344 of this same file there is a problem coz this website is down PHP: $remote_file_url = 'https://www.dreamguys.co.in/gigs_updates/'.$file_name.'';