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  1. I did not null this so I can't help you too much. It worked for me. Do you have your database configured in cs cart config file? Correct DB name and PW?
  2. I don't know what you mean broken down. If you do not have the license activated in addons you will get a white screen.
  3. Directions are in the theme folder.
  4. Youpi & Unitheme https://gofile.io/d/7DCeRB
  5. Youpi is an innovative, premium template for CS-Cart Youpi store is the second premium template from the Alexbranding team, created as technologically as possible for projects in which the owner expects the maximum return and is ready to use the most modern means of influencing the buyer. Youpi is not just a template for CS-Cart, it is a whole software package that makes the platform (already powerful) as effective as possible in terms of sales, SEO, manufacturability and usability, information content and responsiveness on different devices, incl. mobile. Basic concept of Yopi- the creat