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  1. it is silent radio since some days because we ask solution for wiowonder app (timeline, meesanger, quickdate..) ? because its not nulled, not work your suluce for DeepSound not work for Wowonder
  2. hi, will be nice to explain how to null it because its not working like this now and your tuto for DeepSound not work for this, not exactly the same thanks
  3. i worked on the day on it, but not works can you share a WoWonderClient.dll witch will work please ?
  4. someone can share please a WoWonderClient.dll witch is working? all the day i worked on it, and nothing work good ?
  5. Hi, for wowonder timeline, i did the same as explined here when i try to log with the app, i get this error : 404 POST (server_key) not specified, Admin Panel > API Settings > Manage API Server Key but i put the same code from API Server Key admin Panel to the WoWonderClient.dll as mentioned i dont understand what happen
  6. Hi, i try and start to do it with Timeline wowonder app android, dnSpy and wowondeclient.dll, but nothing similar ....
  7. thanks you very much so, if i understood good, is the same process for android app for quickdate, wowonder timeline or messenger....?
  8. ok, i am waiting ? (we wait, because others people wait this too) thanks
  9. Hi, i bought already some scripts to you, and this QuickDate too but you don't explain how to do for use the android app for quickdate, wowonder timeline or messenger.... all have the same system, and you dont explain how to put the code witch will be use for URL.... thanks for help for that
  10. Hi, its normal that with the WebView for android,, when application is off, dont receive notifications for messages? (i filled Onesignal...)
  11. yes please, will be really nice, because i spent a lot of time to try, but nothing work ?
  12. Hi, what about API Settings, verify applications? its not possible to get a code for put in messenger or timeline application ?