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  1. thanks Albapa, but concretly, what i have to do? because on mu shared server hosting, i have others scripts, and i dont have this problem with warnings and i didnt change anything in their files i am a beginner
  2. Hi, when i try to change the city in profil admin for exemple, its impossible to change, always stay on Montreal someone can help me please?
  3. i have already an hosting server, its not my question my question is i repeat : how to not get this little warning that the site is not secure on the browser where is URL ? because i have others scripts, and they not show this warning when i go there, but a closed padlock and not a triangle with an exclamation point do you understand what i mean?
  4. Hi, please how to do for HTTPS works, that on browser it shows secured website ? thanks
  5. Hi, i posted here ysterday a comment, but it disappear i signaled, that works good, nulled, but something wrong : on original there is a background picture and a text (even management.....) : look screenshot and on your nulled need to click on "view all events" for see them : on original, no, it appears on homepage
  6. Hi, i posted yesterday here a comment for say that some pictures, links are broken, but my message i don't see anymore....
  7. Hi, when i installed your, i dont have the background picture, and the first part of homepage (up) = screenshot "event management & selling platform" and at homepage it not show the events published, for that need to click on "view all events" with original files, there is not this problem
  8. Hi, when i update it , it says that database already exist, error but after update files some mistakes with some links et pictures (look screenshots)
  9. Hi, you don't have the last upgrade? https://eventmie-pro-docs.classiebit.com/docs/1.4/upgrade
  10. Hi, i tryed what you said, but after installation, its systemackly open a www.XXXXXXX.com/404 webpage a 404 error not found opening always i tryed many times to install it i dont udnerstand what happen