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  1. If you ready her post 2.3 is not free . I have it and pay her £10 per month including the server and it works great
  2. Hi is there any way of testing this before I buy the key thanks
  3. No you haven’t your a scammer . Don’t trust sadek he scammer
  4. Great thanks yes I have vps server with cent7 and AApanal installed im ready to start when you are I will inbox you thanks
  5. Hi mate if I buy this can you install it for me please I have a vps ready thanks
  6. Hi can I pay someone to install this on my vps thanks
  7. I see this comment has it been fixed or something as now you said the importer is work I just want to be sure thanks
  8. Great and it has a player built it . Will that accept my google drive links thanks
  9. How about this one mate does the IMDb / TMDb API. Content / Data Generator Episodes Generator. Still work . I just need it to import the images / actors / movie info details . As I have my own links init
  10. Do you have a demo of this one I’m stuck choosing between them both . Does the one below come with ads from the importer or player . As I don’t want any ads I want to use my own thanks